How Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir was created? – Full Case Study

Currently we have about 200 countries on earth, And the surprising thing is that, miraculous ladybug is shown on Televisions of approx. 120 countries, that too dubbed in local languages.
There must be something special about this series. So let’s get started to know everything about miraculous ladybug.

Miraculous Ladybug By Animation Vibes

Miraculous ladybug and cat noir is a French CGI based animation series. This is also known as only Miraculous Ladybug. This series focuses on 2 teenagers living in Paris, Marinette and Adrien.
They transform into superheroes to save their city from villains. Marinette becomes ladybug and Adrien becomes cat noir.

Miraculous Ladybug By Animation Vibes

Both of them use magical jeweled objects for transformations.
They do not know each other’s identity But work together to save paris from a mysterious villain Hawk moth. Hawk moth wants uses akumas to take over their powers. Akumas are butterflies that are infused with negative energy.

Whenever any resident of Paris is upset, hawk moth sends the akumas to themAnd due to that these people become villains and want to take revenge from those who
made them upset. Relying on this hawk moth tries to take away powers from cat noir and ladybug through these villains. Miraculous ladybug is an amazing combination of romance, action, and superheroes, of which even one episode is enough to retain your attention.

The creation story of miraculous ladybug

The concept of this story was made by french animator thomas astruc. He was highly inspired from japanese animations and comic books. So he decided to make his own animation.
In an interview Astruc said that in 2005 he was working in a show called W.I.T.C.H. He met a woman who had worn a T-shirt with a ladybug print on it. That’s when he got the idea and made the sketch of marinette on a sticky note as the main character of his comic book.

Thomas Astruc
Thomas Astruc

He designed the dress and hairstyle the same as the lady. Since he had already read 1000s of comic books, he knew that there was not any lady bug hero. This is why he believed that his this creation will be very good and liked by people. Because this was going to be different from all other superheroes.

He intended to make a comic book with his ladybug character until he met Jeremy Zag.
When Astruc completed his project, he showed it to Jeremy, and he loved it. He told him that he wants to make it into a cartoon series. At that time, Jeremy was 25 years old and was not from the cartoon industry. Still he decided to take on this project to create a cartoon series of it.

Comic Books of Miraculous Ladybug By Animation Vibes
Comic Books of Miraculous Ladybug

When Astruc was making cat noir’s character, he said that lady bug represents good luck,
Therefore she should have a partner as black cat who will have bad luck powers.
This is how he made the character of cat noir, which is highly inspired from the role of catwoman from DC comics. At the start, a character felix was to be made cat noir. But later this character was scrapped and adrien was given the role. This suggestion was given to Astruc by his creative team who thought that felix’s character is very common and is used in many animes. In the end, mr astruc introduced felix as adrien’s cousin in it’s CGI cartoon series in 2019.

Felix and Adrien Replacement with each other

Astruc had made a concept but it was time to convert it into a cartoon.
In 2010 jeremy made an animation company ‘Zag Toon’. And this is how the journey of Miraculous ladybug started. Miraculous Ladybug was not produced by any single animation company But different animation companies from different countries were involved in it’s production.

Miraculous ladybug is the collaborative work of many Animation based companies around the world

Between 2005-2010, Astruc made comic books of Miraculous Ladybug. But when in 2010, jeremy saw this comic, he wanted it to be a cartoon. He contacted many animation companies for that. He went to TOEI animation, TF1, and disney channel
And finally the producer of sally the witch, dr slum, dragon ball z, sailor moon, digimon, and
one piece,
TOEI Animation decided to work on the pilot of miraculous ladybug. The duration of pilot was 2 minutes and was released in France and South Korea. So they can get audience feedback, which was overwhelming.

Jeremy Zag / Ladybug / Thomas Astruc
Jeremy Zag / Ladybug / Thomas Astruc

Astruc was worried that this level of animation cannot cater to a wide audience because selling anime style animation in international market was difficult. To capture the market they had to make a few changes. The red and black dots on ladybug were not stable when she moved in anime series. So they decided to switch from 2d to 3d/CGI.

3D also means CGI (computer generated imagery)

Marinette by animation vibes

In 2012, Zag Toon, Method animation, Samg animation made an announcement, That from 2012-2017 they will invest about 70 crore rupees for the animation of miraculous ladybug. And yes, this is how it was converted to 3D from 2D animation.

Many other animation studios did their part in producing this series.
PGS entertainment from France, DQ entertainment and Assemblage entertainment from
India, gloob from brazil

Here’s a fun fact:
When lady bug was being made in 3d, astruc thought to make her yellow
But then he dropped this idea!!

Miraculous ladybug is known as a superhero cartoon in the whole world but Its main theme is based on Japanese Maho Shojo which means magical girl genre. Like transformation sequences, have characters that study together and fight the villains are part of Maho Shojo.

In Particular, Miraculous ladybug is highly inspired by japanese anime Sailor moon
Which has a 14 y/o girl named Usagi Tsukino
She later gets power and transforms into Sailor moon, protecting the earth from evil. All the concepts are the same as miraculous ladybug, including the transformation sequence,
studying in school together, fighting villains, and animal friends.

In 2015, the miraculous ladybug was broadcasted on the the TV in France on a channel TF1. Since samg is a south korean company, it was also released in south korea in 2015.
It was gradually released in the rest of the 118 countries.

In May 2019, the first season was dubbed in Hindi and released on DIsney channel India.
In December 2020, the second season was introduced,
And in April 2021, the third season will be broadcasted,
In India, miraculous ladybug is broadcasted on different channels, sometimes on disney, marvel HQ or hungama. It is mostly aired on these channels around 12 PM.

The hindi dubbing artists are as follows:
Renu Sharda as Marinette
Ish Thakkar as Adrien Agreste
And Shiney Prakash as Chloe

Miraculous ladybug has 3 seasons with 26 episodes each. The 4th season is being broadcasted in France since April 2021. Which will be released in India too. Initially I thought it would end with season 3
Because in last episode of 3rd season, Adrien and Marinette’s feelings remain unconfessed as Adrien dates someone else. There is a good message at the end of this episode,

If we don’t get what we want in life then we shouldn’t be upset because the real gift is life itself

The creators have announced that they will be making season 7 of miraculous ladybug as
well. So be happy because you’ll see amazing episodes of miraculous ladybug in the future.
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