What Happens with ‘Jadoo’ After Returning to His Planet in ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ Movie?

J bole to Jadoo By Animation Vibes
J bole to Jadoo

You must have seen ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ movie of bollywood. In the movie, an alien named ‘Jaadoo’ comes to earth and goes back to his planet at the end of the movie. What happened to Jaadoo after returning to his planet? Here’s an animation show you can watch to know the answer of this question. The name of that animation show is ‘J Bole Toh Jadoo’ .

What is J Bole Toh Jadoo?

J Bole Toh Jadoo is an Indian Animated Series produced by Graphiti Multimedia. It was co-produced and aired on Nickelodeon.

J bole to Jadoo By Animation Vibes
Jadoo having coconut water

The great thing about .Jadoo is that it is based upon the popular character from Rakesh Roshan’s blockbuster Koi Mil Gaya which did well overseas too. Again the theme is that of Kids’ interaction with aliens and their adventures. It is every kid’s fantasy to be with an alien and to have some extraordinary experiences. That theme is universal and can connect to viewers across.” 

Trump – A charcter from Tree House set

Built around the popular alien character from Rakesh roshan’s Koi Mil Gaya, J bole to Jadoo is about Jadoo, an alien who happens to enter the lives of 2 kids on planet earth and the interplanetary adventures that ensue.

The story starts off from where Jadoo (from earth) returns to his home planet Tarkopar, and narrates his earth experience to fellow Tarkoparites. Intrigued by his exploits, Tona his girlfriend decides to visit earth. Once on earth she befriends Nina and Chakki, two orphans staying with their uncle. However Namitshak, the resident evil of Tarkopar, kidnaps Tona with the help of his crony Dr V’Nash. Eventually Jadoo comes to the rescue and with the help of new friends on earth manages to rescue her. 

Watch Here J Bole To Jadoo Part 1

Watch Here J Bole To Jadoo Part 2

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