Krish Trish And Baltiboy – Full Case Study

CFSI means children’s film society India. It’s a government organization that makes films and animations for children’s entertainment. CFSI was founded in 1955 by India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru.
Because he loved children, And a tribute for those children was children’s film society India.

Children's film festival india KTB

Since 1955 till this day CFSI has produced many inspiring films and animations. One of those animated shows was Krish, Trish & Baltiboy. Today we will get to know everything about it from a to z. So without wasting time let’s get started to know something exciting.

When you watch any Japanese anime somewhere you get to know about the Japanese culture as well,
Like how the people we’re in Japan’s history, The environment there, what they wear, What they eat etc. There are a lot of things that you get to know. But if we talk about Indian animations they show nothing about the Indian culture. Instead, the right things are represented in the wrong way.
Looking at Chhota Bheem, Roll No. 21 etc. cartoons, you can tell how they ruin the original story
And add extra things to show to the children. But there are some cartoons like Little Krishna which shows the truth, From which you get to know about India and Indian culture. And one of them or the best one is krish trish and balti boy.

Krish Trish And Baltiboy by Animation Vibes

As Harry potter is a movie series, krish trish and baltiboy is just like that, an animated Movie Series.
There are total 8 movies made of it.
If you want to watch them in series then CLICK HERE to watch all the eight movies with order. Each movie is about 60 minutes, In which krish trish and baltiboy tell you 3 different stories. That is always linked to different Indian states.

Krish Trish And Baltiboy by Animation Vibes
Krish Trish And Baltiboy is a movie series

Krish is a monkey who is always messing with baltiboy and he makes everyone laugh with his humor.
Baltiboy is a donkey who is very slow but he’s not completely dumb. He is just a simple character.
And finally, Trish is a cat who is well behaved, disciplined and the most intelligent character.

Krish Trish And Baltiboy by Animation Vibes

The stories told by them are related to folk arts. Folk Art means those stories that originated from India which were once drawn in a series in art form to show to people. You get to see 3 stories in krish trish baltiboy Movie 1. In which Rajasthan, kerala and Punjab is shown.

I always remember that one “Thoda Aurr Thoda Aurr” story. Who’s moral was to be happy with what you have because the more you want the worse you will feel and this story is linked to the keral State of India. Any kid will understand this moral with the great animation explanation in the movie.
The best thing about it was how the characters spoke in their local languages.

To be honest the creators of KTB did a very good job at showing india’s culture, language and art in animation form. So let’s get to know about those legendary KTB creators.

Krish trish and baltiboy the back story

As I have told you in this video that in 1956 an American animator clair weaks came to India and taught shri Ram mohan animation, who was the first Indian animator. Now he’s known as the godfather of animation.

Ram Mohan - First Indian Animator
Ram Mohan – First Indian Animator

I’m happy to know that he became the director of Graphiti multimedia animation company. What’s in it to be happy about? Well the children film society India asked to make KTB, They didn’t made it. Because Graphiti Multimedia company produced it’s animation.

Munjal Shroff and tilakraj Shetty

In 2005 Munjal shroff and Tilak Raj Shetty researched on indian folk art. After which they made the concept of krish trish and baltiboy. Which in 2009 was released on CN and pogo. Munjal shroff says that

collectiing the sources of folk arts was the most difficult task for us. because we re-create them all in digital high resolution with animation. That’s why we should have reach the original art works more accurately so that we can show them all in detail.

At the end of research shroff says that

He found out an unfortunate reality, 90% of folk arts in India have died. Only a handful are left which includes Mughal miniature, Madhubani, and Gond folk art.

The first movie of krish trish and baltiboy was released in 2009 and second in 2010. It was made in Hindi and dubbed in english to be released across the world. These movies were so loved all over the world
That in 2012, at the 21st Cairo International Film Festival, it was nominated in the ‘Best Children Animation Film‘ category.

KTB MOvie List

CIFF is hosted in Egypt every year, it is the oldest international film festival. In which actors, actresses, directors from all over the world are awarded. Even getting a nomination in it is a huge thing.
Munjal shroff said that

He is very excited that KTB 2 will be shown to Egyptian children
They will learn a lot about our people and culture

The director of KTB, Tilakraj Shetty said that

He hopes to win but he is excited to watch this
movie with children from different parts of the world
It will be interesting to see the reactions of those children after seeing Indian culture

I don’t know if KTB won the film festival in 2012. The biggest credit for making this film goes to Munjal shroff and Tilakraj shetty. Tilakraj also made a cartoon for Disney India, known as Yom. It’s about a kid who can adopt the powers of animals and he uses them against villains.You can watch this show on YouTube because i don’t know its broadcasting time on TV.

Krish Trish And Baltiboy by  Animation Vibes

It makes me upset that this movie series is so underrated. There isn’t even a Wikipedia page for it, and no online info is available. Munjal and Tilakraj had a lot of difficulty looking for sources for this film, where 90% sources had already vanished. Similarly i had a lot of difficulty in writing this post.

When it was made, animations were not famous in India. Nobody could even dream of making such a good quality animation. But Indian kids channel did not highlight KTB as much as they should have.
This show is not broadcasted on TV these days, the new generation is missing out a gem content.
Cartoon network should breakdown the films into 20 minute episodes and broadcast on TV.
I strongly recommend all of you to watch this movie from the link given below If you want to ask something you can message me on my Instagram id – @Animation_vibes.
Watch these 2 videos as well if you’re new to my channel

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