Miraclous : Ladybug and Cat Noir Hindi Voice Artists

Plot of Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir is a French based superhero animation series also known simply as Mirculos Ladybug. The series focuses on 2 Teenagers Marinette and Adriene living in Paris. Marinette transforms into ladybug and Adriene becomes a cat noir with the help of magical jewel objects known as miraculos.

Miraclous Lady Bug
Poster of Miraculous Ladybug

Not knowing each other’s real identities, the two work together to save Paris from a mysterious villain named Hawk Moth. Hawk wants to capture the powers of Ladybug and Cat Noir by having him with Akumas. Aakumas are some butterflies who are infused with negative energy . Whenever a Parisian citizen is very sad, Hawk Moth sends his Akumas to that person, due to which he turns into a superhero and wants to take revenge on him because of which he was so sad.

And with this help, Hawk Moth tries to snatch the powers of Ladybug and Cat Noir from the help of that Parisian citizen who has turned into a Supervillan, because Paris is known as City of Love, so can it happen that this series do not have a love angle? Abslutely Not!! Hence you will see a lot of romance in this series.

Hindi Dubbing Artists of Miraculous Lady Bug Animation Series (2015)

Miraclous Ladybug Hindi Dubbbing artists by Animation Vibes
Miraculous Ladybug Hindi Dubbing artists by Animation Vibes
Character’s NameHindi Dubbing ArtistsOriginal Voice Artists
MarinetteRenu ShardaCristiana Vee
AdrienIsh ThakkarBryace
AlyaN/ACarrie Keranen
ChloeShiney PrakashSelah Victor
TikkiN/AMela Lee
PlaggN/A Max Mittelman
Hawk MothManoj PandeyKeith Silverstein

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