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Synopsis of Attack on Titan

Manga turned anime series ‘Attack on Titan’ is the story of a civilization that is surrounded by three walls. And this is the last place where humans still live. About 100 years ago, human-like but very large Giants, known as Titans, appeared for the first time. And because of these Titans, the entire humanity had reached the verge of extinction. Because Titans attack humans and eat them.

Fortunately the last remnants of humanity started living their lives hiding behind three concentric walls. And lived there peacefully for 100 years. And after these peaceful hundred years, people who had only heard stories of Titans and thought that nothing exists like Titans, Their misconception was shattered because after 100 years, the Titans broke one of those three walls, found and attacked the last remaining human civilization and started eating them. To counter these titans, the army uses such an equipment that they can move anywhere in three directions by tying it in their waist. Also they keep a sword with them to attack the Titans.

The entire story of this series revolves around a boy named ‘EREN YEAGER’. Who lives in the outermost district ‘Shiganshina’ inside three circular walls defending them from Titans. In the first episode, the Titans break through the wall and enter Eren’s district And start eating the people there. And a Titan eats Eren’s mother as well and all this is happens right in front of Eren’s eyes.

After this tragic accident, Eren escapes safely and vows to take revenge on all the Titans. For this, he joins the army along with his childhood friends Mikasa and Armin. Whatever I have told so far is a little, in its every episode, the layers of mystery this world go on unraveling one by one. And I bet, If you watch only even its first episode, then you will not feel to leave AOT without finishing the entire season.

As you progress through this series, you will definitely get emotionally attached to each and every character. And you will get emphatically attached with ‘CAPTAIN LEVI’. Overall, this series is full of shocking moments, life values, emotions, mysteries, twists and turns. So this series is must watch at least once in your life.

The History of Attack on Titan

In year 2013, Hajime Isayama revealed that when he was only 19 years old, He wrote a 65 page one short Manga of ‘Attack on Titan. And he used this one short Manga as prototype to make Manga series of ‘Attack on Titan’. For whom who don’t know, prototype means the first model or design of something from which other forms are developed.

ISAYAMA was born on 29 August 1986 in Japan. From his high school, he started participating in Manga contests. And after High School he did graduation in Manga Design Program. After that in year 2006, when he was 19, he applied for the award for his one short Manga ‘Attack on Titan’ at MGP (Magazine Grand Prix). He even got the Fine work award for ‘Attack on Titan’.

In 2009, Isayama went to ‘SHUEISHA’, a major Japanese magazine publishing company. So that he could have published his Manga in their weekly Magazine. Well, SHUEISHA has two most popular Magazines,

1. ‘WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP’ which contains content for the children of 12-18 age.

2. ‘WEEKLY YOUNG JUMP’ which contains 18+ content.

ISAYAMA wanted to ‘ATTACK ON TITAN’ published in ‘WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP’ But SHUEISHA company said that ‘The art style and story of this Manga is not suitable for SHONEN READERS’, So if you make some changes to it then we can publish it. But ISAYAMA wanted the same story published with the same art style for SHONEN READERS. Therefore he went to a bigger Manga publishing company than SHUEISHA, whose name is KODANSHA.

And yes! KODANSHA agreed to publish ‘Attack on Titan’. And after that on 9 September 2009, The first chapter of ‘Attack on Titan’ published in weekly Shonen Magazine of Kodansha. Attack on Titan’ made its place in the list of favorite Mangas of every Japanese Manga reader within the next two to two and a half years.

Every year, KODANSHA company gives Kodansha Manga Award to the best Manga of that year in the General, SHJO and Shonen categories. And in 2011, this award was given simultaneously to

‘MARCH COMES IN LIKE A LION’ and ‘SPACE BROTHERS’ in General category, ‘CHIHAYAFURU’ in Shojo category, and ‘ATTACK ON TITAN’ in Shonen category. If you want to know more about Shojo and Shonen, you can watch my special series of 3 videos ‘The History: From Manga to Anime’.

The Manga series of Attack on Titan had become popular in Japan but now it was time to become popular in America. That’s why in year 2012, The English version of Manga series was released in America. And after that ‘Attack on Titan’ apparently made people crazy about it. And finally, now it was time for ‘Attack on Titan’ to become popular all over the world.

And it happened in year 2013, when the Anime series of ‘Attack on Titan’ released worldwide. Its Anime series included total 4 seasons. Its 1st season was released in 2013, 2nd in 2017, 3rd in 2018 and 4th in 2020. Although there are 2 parts in its fourth season in which 16 episodes of the 1st part have been released and the 2nd part is yet to be released Which is under development and may be released in winter 2022.

Well, the 139th or final chapter of ‘Attack on Titan’ Manga series published on 9 April 2021. Means if you can’t wait for the 2nd part of 4th season, so you can read this Manga to know about its ending. Now problem is that, bro where we can watch this Anime series? So tension Not, the link of my Telegram channel is here, Also you will find there the trick to watch this Anime series in Hindi as well as English.

Today ‘Attack on Titan’ has become so popular that many of its spin-off series have also been made. Which have been created by different manga artists. And 2 Animated movies based on the original series ‘Attack on Titan’ have also been made. Also its 3 live action films have also been made, But I don’t recommend you to watch those Because “East and West, Anime series is the best.’

“From 2009 to 2021, HAJIME ISAYAMA devoted almost 12 years of his life to ‘Attack on Titan’. And today ISAYAMA is 34 years old. One thing that impressed me a lot is that during his teens, he had created a story that later became a masterpiece. So if you also have any story like this, you should also work on that, have interest in writing books, write a book, Or written a song yourself, sing it out and release. Whatever kind of idea you have, bring it in front of the world. Irrespective of your age! Because age doesn’t matter bro!!! If you want to ask something related to this video, You can direct message me on my Instagram id ‘Animation_Vibes’

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