Doraemon Last Episode – 3 official Endings of Doraemon

Are you searching for the last episode of doraemon? If yes then you have come on right place.I will explain you all the three doraemon’s Last Episode.

3 Official Endings of Doraemon

Doraemon is a Japanese manga series created by Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko together called Fujiko Fujio. It later became an anime or animated series. Doraemon has always been our favorite animation series and even today children, children and older people also watch these cartoons to remember their childhood. Today I am going to explain 3 official or maybe unofficial endings of doraemon. So get ready to know the last episode of Doraemon.

First & Most Popular Ending of Doremon

One day, Nobita comes home and complains to Doraemon weeping. But not long after, he realized that something was wrong with Doraemon; Doraemon was silent and was not responding to the complaint.
Nobita soon summons Doraemon’s sister and tells her everything, then after a while Dorime tells that Doraemon’s battery is gone.
In addition, Dorime stated that the old version of Doraemon must have backup memory in its ear,
But as Doraemon lost his ear, he did not have backup power to keep his memories.
The only way to revive Doraemon is to replace the battery, but this means that Doraemon will lose all memory of himself, his friends, about you (Nobita). At the same time, Time Patrol prohibited the existence of “time travel” due to the formation of new rules.
And Nobita could not take Doraemon in future. Then Dorime states that now there are only two options:
By breaking the rules of time petrol
Heal Doraemon by going to the future and erase his memory,
Or wait for someone to come in the future who can fix Doraemon. Nobita chose another route. And he promised himself that he would become a successful person

Three years later, Nobita attended high school with the best Marks and became someone who is very popular in school. Nevertheless, Nobita, a cheerful and optimistic nature, was lost, and now he was always alone. Twenty-nine years later, Dekisugi stated that he, who had become the President of Japan, held a meeting with Sunio and Gian.
The three discuss the issue of Doraemon’s “disappearance” and the ‘Time Paradox’.Time Paradox’ is a theory that explains the history of the world, in which the history can be replaced with the creation of a time machine.
And the question that came up from the conversation was that why did the Time Petril not allow Doraemon to heal in the future,
And the answer was because Nobita was the person who would fix Doraemon in the future, and that is exactly what happened. In the end Nobita repaired Doraemon which caused Doraemon’s ears to turn yellow and Doraemon was cured.
Nobita hugged Doraemon tightly. After that they started living happily.

The Second & Third Endings of Doremon.

The second ending story states that,
Nobita lies on the bed and is ill and Doraemon is his quantum imagination.On this ending, fans of Doraemon became very angry and rioted outside the writer’s office. Once again the end story was written and this time,
Nobita collapses and is stoned on his head. He fell into a coma. In order to arrange money for Nobita’s operations, Doraemon sold all his gadgets in the 22nd century but he did not just sell the Anywhere door.
Unfortunately, the operation failed. In the end, Nobita went to heaven.

The Conclusion

All these possibilities are discussed and decided that there is no end to the story of Doraemon.
There are three official (I am not sure) endings of Doraemon’s story. And even today everyone is very eager to see the last episode of Doraemon.

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