What is Difference between Anime and Cartoon – In-depth Explanation

If you also live in India like me, then all the animations that you must have seen in your childhood or still see it,you would have seem it cartoon, literally would have seem a cartoon man. No, I am not kidding on you. because I myself used to call the animation series as “Cartoon”, Which I used to watch in my childhood.

When I started the animation series, I mean I am running an animation series on my YouTube Channel right now. Okay. Then I got many comments on the video of Doraemon, and many other videos that brother,

it is an “Anime” and not a “cartoon”. Now I thought, Brother “Anime”?, what are you saying? Brother!! what’s this thing “Anime”? Because till now I had called all animations as cartoons.

Well what’s the thing “Anime”? Then I asked it to Mr. Google that what is this thing “Anime”? Then I came to know that the animations which are made in Japan are called “Anime”. Now I came to know that Japanese animations are called “Anime” and Indian animations are called cartoon. but at the pronunciation, I used to call “Amine” as “Anim”. Now it happened to me that on the video of “Kiteretsu”, I got a comment that,

Brother, you don’t even know that, that’s not “Anim”, that’s “Anime”.

Then I used translate app and listened it’s pronunciation, And from that day onwards I call “Anime” as “Anime”.

Well I shared this thing with you because May be…. may be many of you didn’t know the difference between “Cartoon” and “Anime”. Now listen that what’s the thing “Cartoon” is?

What is difference between cartoon and anime by Animation Vibes

Actually in the 19th century, when people invented “Cartoon”, Cartoon was called as “Gag cartoon”. See, Gag is meant by Fake or Spoof, you also know that cartoon characters are not real ones they are just a spoof. Actually in starting, When Gag Cartoon was introduced to this world, then Gag cartoon was used mostly in newspaper, magazine, comic books. That too only for two reasons, either to explain something well or to make understand that, Or for second reason that’s to publish jokes.

You must be well aware that even today, newspapers have a jokes section which looks a lot like a comic book. is not it? And there are some ‘cartoon characters‘ in it and above there is ‘a dialog box‘ in which some dialogue is written. Okay. So such cartoons are called gag cartoons. Now, As time passed, animation cartoons came into existence in the 19th century.

I just told you about gag cartoons, but now it was animation cartoon, that cartoon which can move. Okay. So now people all over the world started calling gag cartoon and animation cartoon by the same name that is just “cartoon”.

Cartoon means cartoon, not given a specific name. And nowadays the meaning of cartoon is understood only and only as animation cartoons which come on TV. Well. in 1980, The cartoon was further shortened, The “Car” was removed and made just Toon.

Basically toon means the characters shown in the cartoon but it is also taken in the sense of the cartoon. That you can call it “toon” in place of “Cartoon”. Got it?

Tiny toon adenture by animation vibes

When a TV series tiny toon adventures came in 1990, after that the word “toon” became famous all over the world. Now, All the animation series that are made in India, we call them Indian cartoons. But a little bit different is with Japan, you know that Japan itself lives in a different world. It’s difference to others. Okay . Means Japan is ahead and different in everything. So they shortened the ‘animation‘ and formed a new word “Anime” instead of the cartoon. And decided that all the animations that will be made in Japan will be named Anime instead of cartoon.

Which means you cannot call any Indian animation series as Anime, yes you can definitely say it cartoon. And you can not call any Japanese animation series as cartoon, even if it is cartoon animation, you will have to call it Anime.

Some Anime Images by Animation Vibes
Image : List of some anime

For Example Chhota Bheem, Little Krishna, Motu Patlu, Roll No 21, Mighty Raju, Chor Police, Bandbudh Aur Budbak, Little Singham, Kimo Naache, Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal, VEER The Robot Boy, these are all Indian animations that you can call cartoons. And Pokemon, Doraemon, One Piece, IDATEN Jump, Shinchen, Kitaretsu, Hagi Maru, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Black Butler, These all are Japanese animation series called anime.

What’s better – Anime or Cartoon?

Now which is the best among them? cartoon or anime? obviously anime is the best one man. Because anime has a powerful story. Which is made for people of age group from 11 to 25 years or more. And if we talk about cartoons,

don’t know, they show anything in the name of Story. and the main character’s power comes from eating something, whenever a writer goes to the director and asks, how the power is coming to this character here? then surely director must have said brother, feed him some samosas-kachori, and give him power,

means, this is too much man, no sense is made, power by eating samosas and laddoos. I Don’t know how other cartoons will come in the future, man. Power by eating bread pakoras, power by drinking milk, power by eating apple – oranges. I mean, literally no sense is made. Don’t you think so?

Now here you don’t get me wrong that I am kidding on Motu Patlu and Chhota Bheem. No man, I just want to tell you that the cartoons that are made in India are the best for children up to the age of 10, But after that there is no sense of all this. The truth is that the Indian animation industry does not pay attention to teenagers. That’s why I have taken very few Indian cartoons for my animation series.

I hope, I have cleared all your doubts. If I did, then tell me once by commenting brother. Okay. If you still have any doubt or confusion in your mind then you can direct message me on Instagram ID @animation_vibes.

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