The Problem with Demon Slayer – Full Case Study

The back story of Demon Slayer amine series Plus my personal thoughts about this series Plus makeshift to watch it And yeah…. The real problem with Demon Slayer Will be explained in this post. Stay tuned…

“KIMETSU NO YAIBA” whose literal meaning is “BLADE OF DEMON DESTRUCTION”, is a MANGA TURNED anime series. Now, those who don’t know anything about MANGA & ANIME, can watch these videos for more information.

In brief, Japanese Comics = MANGA and Japanese animation = ANIME.

The Plot of Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer History by Animation Vibes

KIMETSU NO YAIBA is named as “DEMON SLAYER” in English language. The whole story of the DEMON SLAYER series is happened in “Taishõ era”, Which revolves around TANJIRO KAMADO and her sister NEZUKO KAMADO, TANJIRO KAMADO is kind hearted and intelligent boy Who lives in mountains with his family, After his father’s death, he earns for his family for that he goes to sell coal in a nearby village.

Everything got changed when one day he comes to home, And he gets known that his family has been attacked by a demon. And his whole family is dead. And now only TANJIRO and his sister NEZUKO are alive. although NEZUKO is still alive but has been transformed into a demon. But a surprising thing is that human emotions and thoughts are still there in NEZUKO. which means that she is only half a demon and rest human.

There are two concepts here, 1. DEMONS – These are the humans who get transformed into Demon for some powers. After becoming a demon, amazing demonic powers come in them. Like regenerating itself after any part of the body is cut etc. 2. DEMONS SLAYERS – they are almost normal humans but They make strong themselves by training And by using some breathing techniques, they make their human strength super human strength. And with this strength, They saves humanity by fighting the demons.

Demon Slayer History by Animation Vibes

So to make his sister human back, And to avenge the death of his family, TANJIRO turns himself into a Demon Slayer. To do so, he trains under SAKONJI UROKODAKI, a member of Demon Slayer corps. And from here begins the difficult, exciting, but dangerous journey of TANJIRO.

The History of Demon Slayer

“KOYOHARU GOTOUGE” is the writer of Demons Slayer And same as the writer of “One Punch man”, “KOYUHARU GOTOUGE” has never revealed his face anywhere. Even he has never disclosed his gender by himself in the public. But an employee of “Weekly Shonen Jump” disclosed that “KOYOHARU GOTOUGE is a women.

Koyoharu gatouge demon slayer by Animation Vibes

In year 2013, when KOYOHARU GOTOUGE was 24 years old, She wrote a 45-paged, one-shot MANGA, called “KAGARIGARI”. and with this Manga, she participated in 70th Jump Treasure Newcomer Manga Awards, It is a type of competition, in which new Manga artists showcase their works. If their work selected, they are given some prizes and awards.

Kagarigari manga series by animation Vibes
Kagarigari manga series

“KAGARIGARI” Manga series was based on Demon Slaying concept. It’s main character is a Demon hunter, just like Tanjiro But this character and the stories around it are so much dark. While even being the dark theme of Demon Slayer, there is always a bright aura around Tanjiro. Well, Later on, the concept of KAGARIGARI was changed to Demon Slayer. Even some character of KAGARIGARI were put in Demon Slayer series with minor changes. For example TAMAYO, YUSHIRO and MUZAN.

In year 2014 GATOUGE wrote two more One – Shot Manga “MONJUSHIRO KYODAI” and “ROKKTSU – SAN” And these both MANGA are also based on highly dark theme.

Demon Slayer Timeline by animation vibes

In 2015, she made a Manga series called “HAENIWA NO ZIGZAG”, and GATOUGE wanted to serialize it in “WEEKLY SHOHEN JUMP”, But this Manga couldn’t be serialized because the Manga readers didn’t like it much. But after this manga failed, Gatauge’s first editor, Tatsuhiko Katayama suggested her that they should start a new Manga whose plot and theme be a little easier to understand, After GATOUGE drafted a new Manga series keeping Kagarigari as a basis, and she named it as “KITATSU NO NAGARE”. And because this series contained concept of Shots and Demons, so GATOUGE thought that Japanese audiences would find its whole story familiar, But due to its serious tone, lack of comic relief and dark story This draft was rejected by SHUESHA,

KATAYAMA again suggested GATOUGE that She should put normal and a little brighter character with same theme in this series. And GATOUGE did the same, Also she changed its name from KISATSU NO NAGARE to KIMETSU NO YAIBA, And yeah… here we got one of the best Manga series “KIMETSU NO YAIBA” means “DEMON SLAYER”.

Demon slayer by animation vibes

From the year 2016, this series started being published in “Shonen Jump”, And within only 1-2 years, this Manga series became very much popular in whole Japan And the rest about getting popularity all over the world?, it happened in 2019, when its Anime series was released with English dubbing in America along with Japan.

The Timeline oof Demon Slayer by animation vibes

The last chapter of demon Slayer was published and completed on 18 May 2020, Whose more than 15 crore copies have been sold so far. The first season of its anime series has also been completed and only a few months are left for the second season to come. For Which everyone is eagerly waiting for. If you haven’t seen this series yet, you can watch it Anytime on Netflix. And want to watch for free, you can join my telegram channel for makeshift.

‘DEMON SLAYER’ : The Unbreakable Record

Spirited away by animation vibes
Spirited Away Movie

SPIRITED AWAY” had been Japan’s highest grossing movie of all time till almost 2 decades. But in 2020, Demon Slayer : Mugen Train broke the all records And with 12-18 months, it has collected 36 Arab and 70 crore rupees, Whereas it took 20 year to collect about 30 Arab to spirited away, and Demon Slayer is going above and beyond breaking this record within 12-18months. And what the problem I was talking about is Demon Slayer the movie Mogen train is over hyped, which it shouldn’t been.

Demon slayer gross profit by animation vibes
Demon slayer Mugen Train and Spirited Away gross profits

The reason is that it is not a stand alone movie like SPIRITED AWAY But a sequel to Demon Slayer season 1. See, Spirited Away has its own independent plot setting, That any first time viewer can understand it,

But Demon Slayer is not an independent movie in itself. Which means if you wish to watch this movie and and want to understand something watching it, You will have to watch its all the 26 episodes of 1st season, Then you will be able to understand the real essence of this movie.

Because no introduction is given in this movie’s starting Like who’s Tanjiro?, what are the Demon Slayers? Etc. And movie started directly, This movie got so overhyped that People in a large number went to watch it directly without watching its anime series. Now those ones who would have watched only the movie directly in theaters, they would not have understood much that what’s going on at the screen. That’s the real problem with this movie. Otherwise this movie is a gem for Demon Slayer fans. I mean Everything from the animation to those great fights is absolutely awesome.

My Thoughts on DEMON SLAYER anime series

See, when I was watching the Demon SLAYER’s anime series, I saw glimpses of deep spiritually in it, obviously which can be also seen in NARUTO. Means this series is like all other Shonen Amines but Two things that makes it different from others are Its animation and character design, also best combination of dialogues, emotions and spiritual knowledge.

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Fighting By Animation Vibes

In its episode 13, Very deep spiritual aspects of the sound around us were touched. I was so impressed with this episode that This episode is the first thing that clicks in my mind when I hear the name of Demon Slayer. Besides it too, there are many moment Which are highly impressive. And the concepts of breathing techniques work just as well in real life as shown in anime. When I myself used to go to give a speech in front of 3000 students in my school, then all my fears were gone over by taking a deep breath.

Demon slayer episode 13 by animation vibes
Episode 13 Snapshot

Well, episode 19, Yes.. it actually was a masterpiece with the highest individual episode rating of almost 10/10. This episode was so perfect that even its writer cried after seeing it. and literally every moment of this episode gets placed in brain touching the heart, forever. Such legendary fight, that Animation quality, so much emotion every second of scenes and soothing background music. Nobody, literally nobody can ever forget those even if they want to.

This series made a huge boom curve to the manga and animation industry. And created so much impact worldwide that From Japan’s Prime minister to almost each popular manga artist praised Demon Slayer. Creator of “One piece” says that

At jump, Demon Slayer was really amazing. I enjoyed how it Was able to save the feelings of so many people. absolutely superb work. This is how I want manga to be. It touched me, somehow!

Illustrator of one punch man “YUSUKE MURATA” says in brief that,

“The series’ contribution to the industry as a whole is immeasurable.”

n January 2021, Gundam franchise’s creator YUSHI YUKI TOWINO Said sharing his thoughts about this series that

I initially felt jealous how the series attracted, such a dedicated and talented staff and said the voice actors are great, the composers of the song that everyone knows is great. And so many people showed up! In in that sense, what I felt surpassed envy. and I started thinking, ‘man, those guys are really something!

THE LEARNINGS From Demon Slayer

KOYOHARU GOTOUGE mentioned that being highly influenced by GINTAMA, JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, BLEACH and NARUTO, she created the Demon Slayer. And that thing I like the most That she consumed a lot content and then taking inspiration from that She created something of her own.

Demon slayer Muzan by animation bibes

So you also create something, not just consume the things and leave them. See, you may influence by anything, anywhere. Its not just about making a show, but its about creating something. May be it a TV show, content for the internet or a business that can add some value to people’s lives.

If even a spark rises in your mind, make it a fire. Don’t think that you can’t do that thing But always believe in yourself that you are the one who can do it. Always remember that PMA is RMA, Means positive mental attitude is right mental attitude. People will say, what are you doing this? Dashrath Manjhi was told by the whole villagers that what a foolish you are doing, can a mountain be broken with a chisel and hammer.

Demon slayer by Animation vibes

But Manjhi believed in himself ignoring the disbelief of the villagers. And shortened the 75km path to 10km within 22 years. So boss, it will take time to create something new and finalize it. Just Create something of your own and have patience, Someday success will automatically embrace you. For more knowledge about your life, You can visit my 2nd channel “Raja Shah”. If you want to ask anything related to this video, You can direct message me on my Instagram id “Animation_Vibes”.

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