The Harsh reality Of Chhota Bheem – ft. Indian Animation Industry

April 6, 2008 – The day when “Chota Bheem” aired on Indian TV’s for the first time but for Indian animation industry, Was it a good event or a bad event? In today’s article, we will try our best to find the answer to this question but before that, we will discuss a little bit about character and plot of this show. So without wasting time lets get started to know something exciting!!!!

The Characters And The Plot Of The Show

In all the episodes of this series a fictional kingdom, “Dholakpur” is shown and the whole story of this series revolves around a character named “Bheem” who after eating “Laddo”, revives “Superpowers” in himself. He also has some friends whose names are “Raju”, “Chutki” and “Jaggu – The Monkey”.

In the beginning, the role of Bheem’s enemy was played by “Kalia”, who has two followers named “Dholu”, “Bholu”. As the time passed, new enemies were introduced in story and Kalia started being portrayed as good character. “Chota Bheem” is not based on some particular “Storyline” because this show is made for kids, and kids are not matured enough to care about some specific storyline.

Voice Artists Of Chota Bheem

Bheem is voice-overed by “Sonal Kaushal”, who was also first official Hindi dubbing artist of “Doremon” Chutki was voice-overed by “Pinky Rajput” and Raju by “Julie Tejwani”, Jagu by “Rajesh Kava”, Kalia by “Shaily Dubey” and Dholu, Bholu by “Jigna Bhardwaj”

The Movies Of Chota Bheem

From year 2008 uptill now, “45” movies of Chota Bheem have been released and the name of its first movie was “Chota Bheem and Krishna” and the name of its latest movie is “Chota Bheem in Jungli Kabila” and the list of rest of the movies is shown in the image below.

Chota Bheem The Back Story

India is a country in which resides second largest population of the World and as you know, where there is people, there is market and where there is market, there are huge number of companies and we will talk about entertainment based companies. I know, in India Bollywood covers all areas of entertainment, that is why, we will not talk about this biggest portion which as you know, is 80% garbage. Today, we will talk about about this smallest portion which is related to “Animation Companies”. As you may know, in India, the formation time of first animation studio or maybe you don’t know but it was Films Division of India which was established in 1948. Well, films divvision of India used to create Documentaries and News Magazines for Indian government In year 1956.

An animator from disney studio, Clair Weeks, was invited in India, to teach animations to some employees of Films Division of India and in this way, someone in India, for the first time learnt animation and name of first animator of India was “Ram Mohan”, who created India’s first animation movie “The Banyan Deer”, which was released in 1957.

Ram Mohan taught animation to many people, who in return taught it to other people and due to which Indian Animation Industry came into being and Ram Mohan became “Father Of Indian Animation”.

From year 1960’s to year 2000, many Indian Animation Studios came into existence, who created many Animated Films like “Bapp re Baap”, “You said it”, “Deepa & Rupa: A Fairytale From India” etc. As time passed, these animation studios targeted kids and started to make “Kids Animation Series” and all the Indian cartoon series that you have watched uptill now, out of them, most of the series are made after 2010.

As the developement of Indian animation series occured after 2010, therefore, there were no competitors of animation market in India and people didn’t even care about creating cartoon series and in 2001, a big India animation company came into existence, whose name was “Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd” and the founder of this company is “Rajiv Chilaka” and he, for the first time, produced most watched cartoons series among Indian kids, whose name was “Chota Bheem”.

Rajiv Sir invested “60 lacs” in Chota Bheem’s project, but to complete the whole project, 1.5 crores were spent in total. In year 2008, To ask to sponsor first 12 episodes of Chota Bheem, Rajiv Sir turned to “Turner Entertainment”, but they denied to sponsor the show. The show again faced rejection at Disney, In the end, he went to “Pogo Channel”, and they offered him 60k for the show, which was a loss for Rajiv Sir and he thought that after investing 1.5 crores on the project, Will he have to give it away in only 60k? and accroding to me, during that era, 60k was quite a good offer for Indian Cartoon series. Anyways, this situation occured at the time when all Indian TV channels only used to broadcast American and Japenese animations after dubbing them in Hindi because there were no animation series during that period in India,

But after 2010, a lot of cartoon series were made and broadcasted on Indian kids channels and because after 2010, India had huge number of Indian animations, and that is why Indian kids channels reduced broadcasting the number of American and Japenese animations, and started promoting Indian shows on their channels and guess what, This was the fall of American and Japenese animation series on Indian TV channels. This is as shocking as Toonami’s Case which I have explained, in this Youtube video.

So in the end, Rajiv Sir, sold the episodes of Chota Bheen to Pogo, after which among Indian kids Chota Bheem gained popularity and in just few years, Chota Bheem made its special place in the hearts of all Indian kids.

Everything was going so fine, but after 2015, a campaign started on Internet, to ban Chota Bheem on Pogo TV and YES!!, it had to happen one day, all those kids, who in their childhood, used to love Chota Bheem, realized that what they were watching was just an Illogical Low Grade Animation Series.

Chhota Bheem The Negative Aspects

And from on, for Chota Bheem hate started growning in people. People remarked that: “What is this?, how is it possible to gain energy by eating Laddu’s, as in reality by consuming such huge amount of laddu’s, kids will become “Unhealthy” and “Sick” and will have destructive effect on kids, and “Popeye-The Sailor Man”, was way better than Chota bheem, in which Popeye used to feel energetic by eating Spinach, and kids, by eating spinach will also remain healthy but what this (Chhota Bheem) shit are you showing to kids? Neither it has good story nor it’s animation is of high quality. What kind of stuff are you showing to kids? Compared to Chota Bheem, even “Doremon” and “Pokemon” which atleast kids learn something”.

Dear Chota Bheem Haters, You are right but let me tell you frankly, that: “Chota Bheem is not for you anymore, if you have become matured”

Chota Bheem The Positive Aspects

Well, creating something and criticizing it are two different things You want to “Ban” Chota Bheem, Am I right? but I need you to tell me its reason, WHY?? Do you even have slightest idea that a lot of people who belonged to “Average Family”, and they were given job by “Green Gold Animation” and taught them to create animations, and after developing their skills, hired them as “Animators”. Out of these, a lot of people belonged to families of “Auto Drivers” or “Carpenters” who in Green Gold Animation got job, due to Chhota Bheem, due to which their life continued, and even these days, there are many animators who work in other offices like Green Gold Animations, to support their family. And there are many voice artist who with their voice, add life to cartoon characters and if you are trying to drag Chhota Bheem through mud, then…then it clearly means that that you are against all those voice artists, who from the beginning gave voice to each character of Chhota Bheem to create a show to bring smile on faces of cute little kids.

You have now grown up, I can understand that, but you also need to keep in mind that the thing you are spreading hate for, is not for you it’s for little kids of 5,6,7 years It is as similar as calling a toy useless, that in your childhood used to make you feel better and after you matured, you start to compare it with video games, now you want to “Ban” that toy Boss.

See, in this World, there are many things, which you may not like, but for some people, they’re a source of happiness So,

enjoy the things that “YOU” like, watch the movies that you like, watch the animations that you like and ignore everyone else.

Atlast, I agree that in Chota Bheem, there are no thought provoking concepts like in Dragon ball, Pokemon, in which concepts of hardwork, training are taught, and in Naruto, in which values like believing in people and your ownself are shown, but you also need to understand that little kids have whole life in front of them to learn such lessons and the last thing is that, “Don’t compare a “Gadha” with “Ghora”, as I have explained in “Motu’s Patlu’s video”.

The Conclusion

In April 6, 2018 broadcasting Chota Bheem for the first time on Indian tv, can be considered as a “Good Event” because due to Chota Bheem, a huge number of Indian animation series came into existence but the biggest thing that’s missing is that Indian Animation studios, only target little kids and they have never targeted teenagers till today. May be in future “Someone” will think for Indian teenagers also, and who knows that “Someone” may turn out to be “YOU”. So, instead of complainng, do something yourself to bring change.

If other people are not doing anything, then atleast I can try to do something!!

If you are a Chota Bheem lover, then then it’s “Good” and if you are a Chota Bheem hater, then its “Still Good” because not everyone can like “Everything”. Now, if we talk about my youtube videos that I create in 15 days, after “Researching” and “Editing”, and still some people go for the dislike button. Actually they really don’t know that to create even a single video, how much effort is required, what it takes to create a video,only “Video Creator” can understand. That is why, each and every animation is best on it’s place because it is the fruit of hardwork of many days of an animator that’s all!!! and still, if you have any queries related to this video, then ask me on my instagram ID “animation_vibes”, and share this article with your friends, so that I can keep on posting such interesting content, Till then, Stay Tuned! Stay Happy!

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