The Untold History of Beyblade Anime

Each word of this article is gonna be very important for Beyblade lovers because today in this blog you will learn that how and when Beyblade started. How many series does Beyblade have? How was Beyblade’s journey from Japan to India? Which and how many vocal Artist dubbed it in Hindi? So without wasting time Let’s get started to know something exciting.

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Beyblade The Beginning story

Bayblade is a spinning top toy orignally produced by Takara company and a company named Tomy manufactured it Actually, Tomy and Takara were two seperate toy making companies and a time came when Takara company faced major crisis after which Tomy Company bought Takara company after which both companies were rebranded with the name Takara Tomy. The name Beyblade is inspired by “Beigoma” Well, in China Beigoma was a kind of spinning top toy and interesting fact is that in the beginning Beylade was just a spinning top toy On which, in 1999, a manga series named Bayblade was formed With the help of maga.

51 episodes of anime series were formed which is known as Beyblade Orignal and when Beyblade was broadcasted as anime series, in the World it spreaded like oxygen in the air I still remember that in year 2013 or 2014 Bayblade toys in my school were in toy collection of every kid but yes, except for girls, and offcourse Beyblade Battles were also arranged by them because during those day my TV just had two channels Disney XD and Disney Channel and that is the reason why i didn’t watch Bayblade anime, because it was broadcasted on Cartoon Network but yes, i certainly bought Bayblade toy and the craziness crossed the limit when inside Crax snack worth Rs 5 Beyblades were kept inside for free and yes Crax were also delicous as well Right?

Beyblade : Who created it & Why?

As I told you earlier In beginning beyblade was just a toy which Takara Tomy company manufactured and sent in market to sell and for the promotion of Beyblade in year 1999 Takao Aoki with the name Beyblade created a manga series In which, some groups of children with their respective teams used to battle with opponent team with their own Beyblades.

From 1999 to 2004, orignally this manga series was published in a famous magazine named CoroCoro Comics. Actually Beyblade anime series was quite a lot inspired from Pokemon cartoon series which by observing the fight between Beyblade Battle and Big Beast you can also notice so yes, Takao Aoki only made Beyblade Manga series for the promotion of Beyblade which in the form of Anime got famous in the World.

Beyblade Anime Series & Evolution

When in 1999 Manga Series of Bayblade was released, right after 2 years in 2001, Bayblade Anime TV series was also created which was broadcasted in japan on a TV channel named TV Tokyo. Beyblade Anime’s directors and producers kept on changing due to which multiple different anime series were made on Bayblade in which multiple different characters were shown and now in serial wise we will discuss a little bit about all different types of anime

1st series : Beyblade Orignal

The first series of Beyblade was introduced in year 2001 in which a total of 3 seasons were made, each containing almost 51 episodes The name of Beyblade’s orignal series’s 1st season was simply Beyblade Season 2 was named Beyblade V-Force Season 3 was named as Beyblade G Revolution and all these seasons were broadcasted in 2001, 2002 and 2003 respectively in Japan Talking about it’s characters It has four main chatacters whose names are Tyson Kai Max Rei Each of them has a Beyblade each containing the powers of four different Bit-Beasts Name of Tyson’s Bit-Beast is Dragoon Name of Kai’s Bit-Beast is Dranzer Name of Max’s Bit-Beast is Draciel Name of Rei’s Bit-Beast is Driger 2nd series.

2nd Series : Beyblade Metal Saga

The manga of Metal Saga of Bayblade was created by Takafumi Adachi which in CoroCoro Comics from year 2008 till 2012 kept on publishing. As the manga of Metal Fusion was wriiten so why not transfer that manga to anime? Is it even possible? No! a solid no! and guess what 2nd Anime series of Beyblade was also released, with the name Metal Fusion which was 1st season of second series If I talk about totality A total of 4 seasons were made in Metal saga Season 1 Metal Fusion Season 2 Metal Master Season 3 Metal Fury Season 4 Shougun Steel Metal Fusion premiered from 2008 till 2009 Metal Master premiered from 2010 till 2011 Metal Fury premiered from 2011 till 2012 Shogun Steel premiered from April 2012 till Dec 2012 Talking about Metal Saga Series characters which are unforgettable which are Gingka Hagane and Ryuga Metal Saga.. What a Series! what an extraodinary series!! One thing that makes this series even better than Beyblade’s Orignal series is that in Metal Saga, each and every Beyblade is focused, while in orignal series of Beyblade, only Tyson is focused but at the same time, deep in my heart, i still love Beyblade (Orignal Series) more than any other series

Here’s a suggestion for you all if you still haven’t watched Beyblade Metal Saga series thinking that it’s boring or it’s copy of Ryoga, Kai then it’s a huge misunderstanding and to learn the reason you should watch Metal Saga Series and you will have your own reason justifying why Metal series is so much amazing series So go and watch if you haven’t yet now

3rd Series : Beyblade Burst

The manga series of Beyblade’s 3rd series I mean, Beyblade Burst was written by Hiro Morita in 2015 which again was published in CoroCoro Magazine from year 2015 to 2019 And as you know, Beyblade Burst Manga Series was also broadcasted on TV in Anime form whose 4 seasons have been released and 5th one is still being on aired out of which the name of season 1 is Beyblade Burst name of season 2 is Beyblade Burst Evolution name of season 3 is Beyblade Burst Turbo name of season 4 is Beyblade Burst Rise name of season 5 is Beyblade Burst Surge Beyblade Burst, from 2016 to 2017 was broadcasted on TV. After which, Beyblade Burst Evolution from year 2017 to 2018 was broadcasted on TV Beyblade Burst Turbo from year 2018 to 2019 was broadcasted on TV Beyblade Burst Rise from year 2019 to 2020 was broadcasted on TV Beyblade Burst Surge is being broadcasted on TV from April 2020 till today

Here comes a fun fact! Beyblade Burst Surge is also known as Beyblade Burst Superking. Talking about the story of Beyblade Burst the story of all seasons of Beyblade revolves around a Beyblader named Volt Aoi.

Beyblade Movies

The name of first movie of Beyblade is is Beyblade: Fierce Battle which in Hindi means Beyblade: A horrifying War which orignally was released on 17 Aug 2002, in Japan

This movie, after the completion of 2nd season of Beyblade named Beyblad V-Force was released which really is a masterpiece and you must..MUST watch this movie. The name of seacond movie of Beyblade is Metal Fight Beyblade Vs The Sun Sol Blaze, The Scorching – hot Invader which orignally was released on 18 August 2010, in Japan

My Personal : Favourite Series

I love Beyblade Orignal Series the most because Dragoon is only here. Whatever you say each and every character is fantastic in Beyblade’s Orignal Series From Tyson to Kai. Well the series of Metal Saga is also better than the Best Beyblad Burst is also fantastic but still Beyblade Burst series cannot match the greatness of Beyblade Orignal Series. Overall, each series is better than the other one and What is your favourite series? Do tell me in comments.

Here comes a fun fact!

Out of many countries in the World Beyblade is most famous in India And in Pakistan

And for it’s popularity in India, Hindi Voice Dubbing Artists play huge role. That is why we must talk about them as well Hindi Dubbing Artist I will tell you a bit about Hindi Dubbing Artist of Beyblade The orignal series of Beyblade was dubbed two time in India One time for Cartoon Network and other time for Hungama TV so we will talk about both times.

In dub for Cartoon Network Our main Beyblader, I mean Tyson was given the voice of none other than our own hero whose name is Sumeet Pathak He only dubbed for 20 episodes after which Tyson was dubbed in Hindi by Shanoor Mirza Rei was given voice by our fvourite Rajesh Kava who also dubbed Jaggu The Monkey in Chota Bheem and Rujeeeno of Rukando Kai was dubbed by Mayur Vyas.

Along with this in dub for Hungama TV Tyson was dubbed by Vaibhav Thakkar, Rei by Sanchit Wartak and Kai by Ketan Kava.

Journey from Japan to India

3 June, 2005 The day when in India, Beyblade was broadcasted for the first time and in short time Beyblade’s orignal series was all over Cartoon Network India and was always ranked number 1 or number 2.

Either Pokemon or Beyblade used to compete for number 1 After sometime, both number 1 and number 2 TV shows were removed from this channel Pokemon was started to broadcast on sister channel of Cartoon Network which is Pogo and the license of Beyblade was purchased by Disney XD and now as you know well, that the sister channel of Disney is Hungama TV and that’s why Beyblade was re-dubbed and aired on Hungama TV.

After sometime, Beyblade was shifted to Disney XD and for a long time Beyblade was broadcasted on Disney XD and then one day, Disney XD stopped broadcasting Beyblade because on Disney XD, Marvel Shows started to broadcast Everything was going fine till this, but After some days, Disney XD was murdered!! I mean it’s name was changed to Marvel HQ Well, for sometime Beyblade stopped broadcasting on any TV channel and after some time it was re-broadcasted on Hungama TV once again and still in morning at 6 AM you can watch Beyblade on Hungama TV.

If you are my regular reader, then you must know well that Indian Animation Industry wants to be Self- dependent due to which it’s broadcasting only local shows on Indian kids channels That’s why Anime American Cartoons are not getting promoted by them.

I’m not sure if our future generations will be able to witness something as amazing as Beyblade What do you say?

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