The Clildren’s book ‘Sochu’ – A Thought Provoking Concept by Chetan Vohra

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Recently I had a great talk with Mr. Chetan Vohra. He is the author of a children’s book called “SOCHU”. Here is a small introduction of Chetan Vohra.

At the young age of 17, Chetan Vohra ventured out to the Vancouver Film School, in Canada, to explore Visual Art and Design. After returning to India in 2008, he dedicated his years to Film. He studied Cinematography at the Whistling Woods International Film School in Mumbai. Since then, Chetan has worked as a professional cinematographer in the Bollywood film industry for 7 years.

Let’s come on the main point, I read the “SOCHU” books sent by Mr. Chetan Vohra and guess what I genuinely loved to read those children’s books, eventhough I am not a child anymore. I agree that the books are made for Children but the knowledge contained in these books are worth to gain even for adults. You may be thinking, “What exactly SOCHU is ?”. So here is your answer.

What is SOCHU ?

In a world where children are constantly exposed to entertainment that glorifies violence and mindlessness, comes Sochu, a book series that celebrates the process of thinking. Through Sochu, Chetan Vohra wants to bring about a positive change. Sochu encourages non-violence, friendship, love, the thirst for knowledge and a happy, healthy life. All this without compromising on the entertainment quotient.

Sochu reads and understands great quotes in his own way, bringing out a whole new meaning to them”

Screenshot – From SOCHU’s official website

The series of Sochu books have characters that each kid can identify with. Author has weaved ideologies of great personalities into the story lines of each book, helping us to plant these seeds of subtle wisdom in a fun and entertaining way. Sochu makes interesting comments about these thoughts, intriguing us to look at things differently, thus making it enjoyable for adults as well.

sochu front
Sochu book Set – Front View of Box

My Personal Feedback About SOCHU

What I liked most about sochu book series is that everyone can enjoy the stories of sochu, no matter what their age is? Secondly every lines of the narration has a point which simply means there are not filling sentences and also you will not see any abusive or strong words which could develop a bad habit in a child.

Sochu book series
Random Page of Sochu book series

Breathing Technique Of Sochu

Aaah, Really this technique impressed me a lot. Sochu closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to enter the depths of his mind so that he can find an answer to his Questions. This concept of the story is directly promoting the benefits of meditation. There are a lot of things which you will definately like in the Sochu books.

The Breathing Technique of sochu
The Breathing Technique of Sochu

Here’s a Great Feedback from a Parent


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