The Success Story Of One Punch Man – Who Created It?

Quick Introduction

The Superhit Anime Series One Punch man is so famous that every “FreeFire” player knows about it, whether they have watched this anime or not and even if you too are from the people who for the first time, have heard about this anime, then this article is only for you because today I will tell you that Who created One Punch Man? and How in so less time, in the whole World, it gained so much popularity? and last but not the least Is it worth to watch One Punch Man? and if yes, then How can you watch it, even in Hindi? and if you already have watched this anime then you definately will enjoy this article so without wasting time let’s get started to know something exciting!!

One Punch Man IN Hindi By Animation Vibes
One Punch Man By Animation Vibes

What is Manga And Anime?

Anime – “Anime” means all those animations that are made in Japan Bascially, “Doremon”, “Shin Chan”, “Pokemon” etc are some kids anime that are even broadcasted on Indian TV channels but beyond these kid’s anime, there are a lot of anime series, which are “Incredible” and they’re for all the age groups like idaten jump, Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, Death Note, Demon slayer, Attack On Titans, etc. and all these anime series are inspired from their own comic books. And in Japan Comic books are assigned a special name which is “Manga” and to know more deatils about Manga, you can watch this series consisting of three episodes.

So now as you know that Japanese Comic Books are called Manga and Japanese Animations are called Anime and yes, in this video, we will specifically talk about One Punch man, which in the beginning was “Web Manga” and later became “Anime series”

The Back Story Of One Punch Man

In year 2009, A manga artist named “One”, with the name “Wan-Pan-Man”, published a Web Manga on a Japanese website, and As you know, “Wan-Pan-Man” in English, means “One Punch Man”. The special thing about this manga is that the main hero, whose name is “Saitama” can defeat any villian with “One Punch” only. Now you will say… What is this? One punch and The End?? then what’s the point of watching this series as we would already be familiar, that in each fight, who’s gonna win… Well..You are right! but as you will start watching this series then you will understand that what makes this anime series so special and in this article, I will also give you some of my “Opinions” by which you can decide that whether you should watch this series or not.

But hey! before that, let me tell you that in whole World, One Punch Man has become very popular but till now, nobody knows that who created One Punch man and one reason for this is that from the beginning it’s manga artist instead of his “real name”, published it with his “PSEUDONYM” “PSEUDONYM”.

“PSEUDONYM” mean a fictional name which is made by single person or a group of persons, for some “Special Purpose”. Most of the “PSEUDONYM” hodlers, use “PSEUDONYM”, because they want to stay anonymous means they want to keep their identity hidden and same is the case for the manga artist of One Punch Man. Maintaining anonimity is quite difficult thing to do and some people enjoy the fact that they made a huge difference in society but nobody knows their name. Well, it reminds me of “Death Note”, in which the pseudonym of Light Yagami is “Kira”. If you don’t know what is death note then watch this video.

Still if you can’t understand that What is the meaning of pseudonym then Let me tell you that Stage names, Usernames, Pennames, Nicknames are some types of pseudonyms so, now you must know that the real name of manga artist of One Punch Man is not “One” but it is something else and nobody knows his real name.

In the beginning, the “Web Manga” of One Punch Man was released that means it was not published on some physical medium but “One” published “One Punch Man” on a Japenese website, “”. After 2009, on Internet the popularity of One Punch Man started to increase, and it gained quite good number of readership but “One” while creating the chapters of this manga took many breaks like in 2010, due to some family issues, he took a break of 1 year.

After Jan 2017, he took a break of 2 years and in this way the release of new chapters of manga delayed, and due to which the creation of anime series also took time. After the break of 1 year in 2010, when One in 2011, started to draw the manga of One Punch Man then a person named “Yusuke Murata”, contacted One, and asked him that whether he(One) is interested in Partnership with him. Yusuke Murata told One that he wants to “Remake” the web comic of One Punch Man in which, the story will remain same but he will only recreate all the drawings.

Well, Yusuke Murata was born in 1978 and till 2011, he was among the biggest fans of “One Punch Man” and during the same time period he was suffering from a very chronic disease. With the fear of death by his disease, he contacted One.

According to one article of 2017, In an interview, Yusuke Murata was asked that What made him decide to create the manga of One Punch Man? and he answered that,

During those days, I was really critically sick, I got hives on my whole body, internally my body got severly infected, the windpipe of my throat was swollen, due to which i couldn’t even breath properly When I was in hospital, I used to think that, is this how people face death in hospitals? and now my time has come? but no, before dying, I will do something that I’m passionate about “Yes” With Mr. One, I will start making manga of One Punch Man

– Yusuke Murata

And that’s it, Yusuke Murata did exactly what he thought of doing in hospital. Later, he not only re-drew One Punch Man but also contacted some Online Publishers so, that they would digitally publish One Punch Man, from which they will gain “Income” as well as “Readership”.

In the end, a Japanese manga company “Shueisha” started to publish One Punch Man on their website after which One Punch Man gained a huge amount of readership. In 2015, it’s anime series was also released.

It all means that Yusuke Murata played a huge role in the success of OPM and by god’s grace, Yusuke Murata is alive and is 42 years old. By Yusuke Murata’s story, We learn that,

If you feel that due to some your disease, your death is near then then start following your passion and who knows while following your passion your body may completely defeat the disease that you were suffering from.

– Raja Shah

The Anime Adaptation of One Punch Man

Well, till now, only two seasons of One Punch Man have been released both of which consist of 12 episodes each. Season 1 of which broadcasted in 2015, in Japan which was produced by Japanese company named “Mad House”.

2nd season of which broadcasted in 2019 , produced by another animation company named “J.C STAFF” and obviously it’s 3rd season is about to come out, which may take some time. An American company named “Viz Media”, after purchasing the lisence of One Punch Man, dubbed it in English and broadcasted on television in multiple countries.

One Punch Man is a Super hero and Comedy based anime series in which a World is shown where monsters attack time after time. To save the people from monsters a Super Hero Association is founded, in which super heroes associate to save people from mnsters. To join Hero Association, a test is conducted, after it’s completion, a superhero is ranked class wise, In which the super heroes of S-class are most powerful ones and C-class heroes are weakest ones.

The story of One Punch Man revoles around a super hero named Sitama. Sitama is a super hero of C-class. Actually, he was assigned C-class because he couldn’t perform well in written test otherwise, physically, in whole World no one is more powerful than him. Here comes a fun fact!!

The creator of One Punch Man was born in Nigata, in Japan and he spent his childhood in city named “Saitama” and the Real Fact is that now you know, that how the idea of name of One Punch Man came into existence.

I was also surprised when I came to know that in real Saitama is the name of a city. Well, One was interested in creating a super hero who was the most powerful in the whole World he wanted to bring those parts of story into notice which makes it unique from other super hero stories As you may also know that in other super hero stories everyday problems are included which a particular superhero has to take care of but One said that

“Punching is often times pretty against life’s problems” and I created Sitama, which is a superhero that cannot be defeated by anyone in the World that means, villians are not his problem His problems involve real life circumstances which cannot be solved by mere a punch For example, Sitama is always short of money, which is a problem related to routine life and which cannot be solved by mere a punch.

My Opinion And the easy ways to watch it

I will definately suggest you One Punch Man, you will enjoy it especially, it’s 1st season is a must watch, whose best thing is Comedy and it’s animation is also fantastic story is also wonderful and it’s soundtracks as well.

It’s season 2 is also good, but it lacks screen time of Saitama. I personally love season 1, as compared to season 2, so season 1 is a must watch. Where can we watch it?? With Japanese audio and English subtitles, you can watch it on youtube From Here.

To watch it in Hindi, it’s Fan Dub Links can be found on my Telegram Channel. To join my telegram channel, go to telegram and write Animation Vibes on search bar then click then first option to join the channel. well, in it’s Hindi fan dub, from episode 4, I have voice overed one Ninja So, do let me know how was my dubbing? and to tell me this, you can send me a direct message on my instagram id, Animation_vibes and your queries related to this article are always welcomed to ask your questions on Instagram. Atlast, do share this article with your friends so, I keep on postring such posts. Till then Stay tuned..Stay happy.

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