Full History of Obochama Kun – A Case Study (With Fun Facts)

This cartoon is really bad and sensitive for kids Please don’t watch this cartoon. Okay first of all it’s not cartoon, it’s Anime. Don’t know what’s an anime? Click Here.

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Is Obochama Kun a copy of Shin Chan?

Or is Shin Chan a copy of Obochama Kun? Let’s find out in today’s article. By not judging a book’s cover, but also the detailed pages of this book. We’ll get into the A-Z Detailed Story of Obochama Kun. So here we go.

Ranma Half and Obochama Kun - By Animation Vibes
Ranma Half and Obochama Kun – By Animation Vibes

Plot Of The Show

Obochama Kun is a Manga turned Anime series. First released in January 1989 in the form of Anime Series on a Japanese channel called TV Asahi. The show features the story of Obochama.He is a rich family’s rich kid who enters an elementary school. Mostly kids are naughty, But Obochama Kun is not only naughty, but also a ‘hotty‘ Means an arrogant kid who is his dad’s loveable kid.

You’ll enjoy laughing so much, by watching Obochama Kun and his friends’ strange interactions. Because Shin Chan and Obochama Kun both are based on comedy genre. Thus many people doubt which anime is the copy of which one. You’ll come to know this in today’s blog with detailed explanation. But before that, let’s go to year 1986, when it’s first comic book (also called Manga Series in Japanese) was created.

Obochama Kun : The Backstory

This is Yoshinori Kobayashi, a Manga Artist known for controversial political commentary manga – Gomanism Sengen. Before this Manga Year 1986, He created Obochama Kun, but how he got the idea of this series is itself an interesting story. And the story goes like this :

Once Yoshinori Kobayashi was enjoying his coffee in a cafe. Soon a boy entered with his friend. The boy was too arrogant about his richness. Kobayashi listened to their whole conversation. And right here. He got a fabulous idea for his next manga. Today that idea is widely known as Obochama Kun.

Obochama Kun was serialized on a Monthly Manga Magazine called Korokoro comic between 1986 – 1994. Those days this manga series was popular among kids. Soon it got popular among teenagers and adults. When it’s anime series was released on TV in the year 1989.

Fun Fact

In the beginning, Obochama was named Gobochama. Later it was changed to Obochama. Specially in Anime Series. Talking about anime Let’s know about a historical event. This event is about Fuji TV and TV Asahi’s two shows : Ranma 1/2 and Obochama Kun.

Year 1989, these two shows were released on different channels. There was a three month gap between their release dates. As Obochama was released in January And Ranma 1/2 in April. Why does it matter. These shows were on a TRP Fight. Those who don’t know, read carefully. Ranma 1/2 is an anime turned manga series created by Rumiko Takahashi.

Ranma is the main character who was cursed that whenever someone sprays cold water on him, he would turn into a girl. When sprayed hot water, he’ll be boy again. Thus this show was named Ranma 1/2 (Half).

Ranma Half and Obochama Kun Fun Fact - By Animation Vibes
Ranma Half and Obochama Kun Fun Fact – By Animation Vibes

The story of this show is really amazing. Overal this show is a combination of Martial Arts, Adventure and Romantic Comedy. On the Saturday evenings both these shows used to air. But since Obochama Kun in less than three months created it’s own strong audience base.

Ranma series faced many struggles in collecting it’s audience base. Also due to less TRP, Ranma 1/2 was cancelled in September 1989. Long Story Short, later the plot of Ranma 1/2 had some changes. And released with a new name Ranma 1/2 Nettohen. And this time it won the hearts of millions of viewers. Even if Ranma and Obochama Kun had an indirect internal TRP battle, despite that, their creators had a collaboration of a Special Collaborative Chapter on a weekly show.

The magazine cover featured Obo and Ranma. Ultimately in September 1992. Anime series of Obochama Kun ended. Coincidentally, in the same month Ranma 1/2 Nettohen aired it’s last episode. After this series ended, Ranma had released many films and OVA. But Obochama Kun ended. Even before it’s manga series ended, why did this happen.

Even if Obochama was so popular back then It had only 164 episodes. Why did’t TV Asahi continue it? Why Obochama Kun was discontinued? The main reason for it’s discontinuation was Censorship. Which means – Supression of words. Images or ideas of a TV show that are offensive. This show was made for kids, but it had many offensive and obscene scenes. That… yeah you got it, they were not suitable for kids.

I’m telling you, before making this post, I watched atleast 10 episodes of both Obochama and Ranma 1/2. Ranma 1/2 had obscene scenes but Obochama Kun had 5 times more of it. Japan has Parent & Teacher Association (PTA). PTA conducts surveys for children welfare yearly In one of those surveys.

Parents are asked : Which Anime you won’t like to be watched by your kids? Obochama was always in it’s Top 10 list. That’s the reason of discontinuation.

Which One Is A Cheap Copy Of Another?

Looking at character design, Target Audience, genre, etc. Many people think Obochama is Shin Chan’s copy. The answer is : They are wrong. Shin Chan was inspired by his creator’s own manga series. Darakuya Store Monogatari’s character named Shinosuke Nikaido which means Shin Chan didn’t copy Obochama Kun. And Obochama has it’s own cafe story.

Concluding the facts, neither was inspired by another. Both had their own stories which I told you.

Obochama Kun In India

11 February 2013, 5:30 pm, Obochama Kun was aired for the first time on Cartoon Network India. Later it was shifted from CN to Pogo. But Pogo had a dominating audience of Chhota Bheem. Due to which Obochama didn’t got desired TRP. Finally, it was discontunued within 2 years.

But as you may know Aniplex Channel was replaced with Sony Yay. Till now Sony Yay telecasted Indian Shows but now it started airing foreign shows, including Obochama Kun. 15 March 2021, everyday Obochama Kun is being aired on Sony Yay.

Obochama Kun In Indian Channels - By Animation Vibes.png
Obochama Kun In Indian Channels – By Animation Vibes

Talking about Hindi Dubbing, not much info is availabe on internet. But Obochama was dubbed by Vabhav Thakkar Sir. Who also dubbed for Jake and Phineas. Additionally, I was reading Google reviews on this show. I came noticed there are two types of Krishna :

Two Types of Reviews on Obochama Kun - By Animation Vibes.png
Two Types of Reviews on Obochama Kun – By Animation Vibes

1. Aviral, who has some complaints about it

2. Dhaksh Who enjoys it’s comedies

So which Krishna are you. Let us know in comments. In my opinion, a person is neither good nor bad, but a mixture of both. Therefore, be it a human or TV show. Learn good things from them. And say Tata bye bye to bad ones.

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