Dragon Ball is Coming Back in India Again – Greatest News for Indian Anime Fans (After 10 Years) – Full Explanation

This article is about how Dragon Ball is Coming Back in India Again – Full Explanation. To know the difference between Anime and Cartoon – Click Here for another article.

Cartoon Network India has offcially announced they’ll bring Dragon Ball Super in India. Do you know how the Network Head of Cartoon Network India brought this change? How did such a grand change become possible? Like, an Indian Channel is filled with 6-7 age group shows, how did they even think of getting Japanese Anime specially Dragon Ball and Digimon on Cartoon Network India?

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Plus do you know, that Dragon Ball Super, Cartoon Network India’s first latest Anime show, if doesn’t get right responce from the audience, then maybe this will be the last time when Anime would have come to India. Which means it’ll be impossible to bring Anime in India. Don’t you wanna know why? Well we’ll find out in today’s blog.

Dragon Ball is Coming Back in India Again – A Decade of Wait

Also to discuss answers to many questions Goku’s Hindi Voice Artist – Ankur Javeri Sir is present in this post.

Ankur Javeri Sir – Hi guys, like Raja said I’m gonna discuss and share many things today because of which animes and shows like Dragon Ball are going to be broadcast in India.

Ankur Javeri Voice Artist - By Animation Vibes
Ankur Javeri Voice Artist – By Animation Vibes (Dragon Ball is Coming Back in India Again)

Before going ahead, if you don’t know Ankur Javeri Sir has lent his voice to thousands of TV Ads and Promos in Hindi. For Example – Virat Kohli’s Hindi Voice – the ones you hear in ads. That’s not Virat Kohli’s voice, Ankur Javeri is behind that voice. And the voice heard after every promo of Disney Plus Hotstar shows, for example Vivo IPL.

All these voices are given by Ankur Javeri Sir. Plus, in the latest released Spiderman No Way Home movie, the Hindi Voice of Andrew Garfield is his voice. And as the whole world knows Official Hindi Voice of Goku : Ankur Javeri Sir. which means, each second of Ankur Javeri Sir’s voice Is totally very precious. So don’t skip even a second of reading this blog because today Ankur Sir has come with lots of information on Anime Community knowing this will be a greater importance to you guys.

Raja Shah – First and foremost, let me tell you To bring anime in Indian TV Channels, Ankur Javeri Sir has done so many efforts. So my first question to Sir is – Why did you do so many efforst to bring Anime in India?

Ankur Javeri Sir – ”Many Great Stalwarts, voice artists and producers of my industry had said the same thing to me – How does it matter to you if Anime comes or not, you’re well settled in your work. But the thing is I’m doing this since childhood. I’ve been in voicing since an early age. Off course I was away from Social Media. It’s always about how much you gained from the field you work in.

Ankur Javeri in Mahabharat by Animation Vibes
Ankur Javeri in Mahabharat by Animation Vibes(Dragon Ball is Coming Back in India Again)

So you should give it a free service too. So very same way as I worked as Junior Arjun in Mahabharat. I posted a post on Junior Arjun. Suddenly a lot of Anime fans an Dragon Ball fans contacted me and they all said ”Goku, our Goku is back”. The response I got was somewhat overwhelming for me and, they all discussed their problems about what’s happening in Anime Community. Also they said that Sir we want you to get in in India.

Firstly, it took me 6 months to understand what’s all this and what are the issues here. After which, as a fan service I indulged and got absorbed in it So I decided I too should take some actions. For all the lovely fans and YouTubers who keep requesting me.”

The Problem

Problem : Indian Kids Channels stopped all the Teenager Focused Anime Shows such as Dragon Ball, Zatchbell, Beyblade, etc. To bring Anime shows back to Indian Kids Channels what and how Ankur Sir made it possible, let’s know.

Ankur Javeri Sir – ”So firstly the journey started like I was trying to understand what are the issues Anime has such demand, then why is it not coming? Then I came to know about Toonami – a slot that was telecasted in Cartoon Network Dragon Ball and many other animes. It’s not like there aren’t any existing shows there. They exist, but it’s not coming the way it should.

So I made some awareness videos, collabed with some YouTubers. Even when I was told that – ”You know Sir, there is a part of Anime audience who just watch in English or Japanese. So the existing Anime Community, let’s assume it is some percentage of Cartoons, Live Action Shows, English to Hindi Dubbed Films, Already Existing Original Shows, Foreign Films, Domestic Films.

Anime community in india by Animation Vibes
Anime community in india (Dragon Ball is Coming Back in India Again) – By Animation Vibes

The content has such a big audience that Anime Community and it’s demand, is actually very less. Looking at it from an Investor’s perspective. After getting to know all this I got involved in many activities despite having a very busy schedule. And I’m already doing what I have to do in my field too. But, I got more focussed on this issue and we started activites one by one.

We made awareness videos, after which I talked to Industry Insiders, Producers. I said the demand exists. But it’s just that if we don’t cater it, it won’t grow. So they said : Okay Ankur, what do you want us to do. And they got surprised to notice that Ankur who doesn’t give them time for dubbing, he’s noticing Anime Fans and their needs. And is talking to us about it.

So they all started taking very keen interest. That okay fine let’s do something about this So we all together made Anime Wishlist. Through them I started sending mailers To OTT Platforms and Channels like, sorry I won’t disclose the name. And then the awareness started to grow more. My own Industry friends like Seaon D’costa. You all might know him Dubbing Supervision of Dragon Ball Z was done by him. He has also been the voice of Majin Buu,

Dragon Ball Z Hindi Dub Cast - By Animation Vibes
Dragon Ball Z Hindi Dub Cast By Animation Vibes (Dragon Ball is Coming Back)

My friend Neshma Chemburkar, the voice of Chichi. They all helped me a lot. Even Rajesh Kava, voice of Broly, Rajshree Sharma, voice of Bulma. We all started participated in these things and activities. And last but not the least The Network Head of Cartoon Network – Mr Abhishek Dutta. He heard me when I contacted him. I told him the situation and he said – ”Okay fine, if you are taking keen interest and you have full faith in this. We have some budgets and restrictions so I can’t get all the animes as per the wishes. But I’ll definitely try to talk to my Heads The ones who are work as seniors.”

And he said ”The most popular franchise which is Dragon Ball, let’s start with this.” So I’ve been desperately trying to get all the other Anime. In fact, Mona Ghosh Shetty. She helped me a lot When I was talking to her. So she also said that, ”The others that are already available, should we push those first”. I said – ”Yes please let’s just do that. Let’s just get anything here which is a bigger Anime, smaller ones are already trickling out”.

Abhishek Dutta ( Network Head at Cartoon Network South Asia ) by Animation Vibes
Abhishek Dutta (Network Head at Cartoon Network South Asia ) By Animation Vibes – (Dragon Ball is Coming Back in India Again)

So in this way all my fraternity helped me. Even some YouTubers who were very resourceful, they helped me. Including you (Raja Shah). And finally, it’s momentous that one of the Big 3’s Dragon Ball is coming back to India being Dubbed in Hindi. Which will grow more awareness about Anime in India. And this is an initiative due to which other OTT Platforms will have their eyes on it’s success. Channles will notice it.

So you all need to promote it. Push it to the next level. Let’s celebrate it together! I don’t want to get it’s credit alone because every fan who had this demand, who had this want ‘India wants Anime’. Every other fan who had raised voice for the same. This has become possible because of that I’m also an Anime Fan, right?

So I would like to say this :

This is a small step of an Anime Fan But a Giant Leap for the Anime Community

– Ankur Javeri

So let’s all push it ahead. Be positive and India wants Anime, India shall get Anime Dragon Ball.

What is Dragon Ball?

In case you don’t know Dragon Ball is an Anime Series whose fans are spread to all corners of the world. You’ll get to know A-Z Information of Dragon Ball In these two videos :

Dragon Ball Video 1

Dragon Ball Video 2

At present, Dragon Ball Franchise has 3 Original Series – Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. Since Dragon Ball Super was released in Japan in 2015. It wasn’t broadcast in India. This is because till 2015, Anime was erased from all Indian Kids Channels. That is why Dragon Ball Super had no chance.

But Year 2022, Anime like Dragon Ball Super returning to Cartoon Network India teases a new future of Indian Anime Community. Here a question might get into your mind – Why didn’t CN India started airing DBS + other Anime? Are they scared, or budget issue or what?

Well the simplest answer is : Money. I’m being honest here 90% of CN India’s Annual Income Is used to buy Dragon Ball Super Franchise! And not only Dragon Ball Super, you may have seen Cartoon Network India returned it’s evergreen Old Shows such as Ben 10, Teen Titans, etc. by broaodcasting it again. See, we randomly say that Channel already has Hindi Dubbed Old Shows, you just have to air it, do it. But No..!! Entertainment Industry tells the Channel Networks silently that first purchase this particular show’s license. Then air it on your channel.

And audience thinks that their Favorite Channels are not airing their favorite shows, then this means it’s Channel’s fault. Well Again Wrong! The fault is the scarfcity of money.

Plus if I talk about Anime in particular so as Ankur Sir said, India has no market for Anime- means the audience who watches Anime on TV. Because deep inside of us, we all know that, we all watch Anime either in OTT Platforms online or by illegally using third party websites. But this time, since Ankur Sir has so much efforts personally in bringing Anime in India. So you all contribute too.

Watch Dragon Ball Super when it starts airing. Also, comment down your thoughts how we all want Anime to come in India. Who knows the comments of this video reaches Cartoon Network India. Based on which, they may take decision. India has an Anime Market which can increase In future if they get more Anime shows in India.

And also, who knows after the great response of Dragon Ball Super, Cartoon Network India gets Naruto in India too. Yes I’ll like to say that If we don’t give positive response to CN India, then maybe the changing future of Indian Anime Community will start to fade.

Look, at the end TV Channels are doing a business. As long as they get Re 1 profit from the sale of Rs 5. Then it’s completely good. But as soon as they purchase a Rs 5 product and sell it for Rs 4, they are incurring a loss of Re 1. Then why would they not stop selling. They’ll definitely stop selling.

That is why, not only you should comment, but also post stories on Instagram ‘CN is bringing Anime in India again’ Tag CN India, Ankur Javeri Sir, and Animation Vibes (Me). So that we can reshare your stories. Even Tweet something on Twitter with Hashtag #AnimeIsComingBackinIndia.

Don’t want to write on your own? Then Retweet my Tweet. Do everything to spread this awareness of #AnimeIsComingBackinIndia.

At last special thanks to Ankur Javeri Sir who became the voice of all us Anime Fans to bring back Anime in India. Well for new updates on DBS, Follow Ankur Sir on his Instagram Handle – @ankurjaveri. Direct Message him and tell him how much eager you’re to see Dragon Ball Super and Other Anime in India.

Lastly, Ankur Sir’s kind words ”Guys, Subscribe Animation Vibes Channel. Encourage Raja so he keeps making such videos and gets you updated about Anime contents. This way Anime Fraternity and Community will increase much more. And make this video a Viral one so that more Anime viewers come to know what is happening And with how much efforts we are getting it in India.”

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