What is OVA (Original Video Animation) – Short Explanation

What is OVA – Original Video Animation

This article will explain about – What is OVA (Original Video Animation). To know about Top 5 Anime Movies in Hindi Dubbed – Click Here.

What Is Meant By OVAs ? Before we come to know about this, read this article to understand OVA also known as Original Video Animaton. Remember, in Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun, mostly, Anime series release on T.V. After that, it will be released in DVD Format. But In OVA’S Case, it is totally opposite. OVA (Series) first gets released on DVD.

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Thus, they are not called DVD. They are called Original Video Animation. In short form, OVA.

OVA’s Quick History

In 1980s, the production of OVAs began. When Anime were spread Nationwide. And in 1990s, OVA’S Production was slowed down. It was that decade of 90s when you threw remote on TV, it would hit an Anime character (JOKE).

I mean, that time Anime was on its peak. Then, Anime madness crossed the limits which resulted in Anime release only on TV. It’s just like if a once in a month feast is available for all the days of the month, then why would anyone spend money on restaurants?

As per this issue, people stopped purchasing OVA DVDs due to tremendous increment of Anime Series on Television. And OVAs got a new definition. Now Anime Creators started releasing the Anime episodes as OVA Only Episodes.

Which means episode zero, or in simple words the prequel episode of your favorite Anime Series will be released as an OVA. Which will ever be released on TV. And that is why people starting purchasing the DVDs of OVA, and they still purchase them till date.

Additionally, any closure of an Anime is also made in the form of OVA. Which means the last episode f any Anime, is never released on TV. Many popular Anime like Attack On Titan, Death Note etc. have their OVAs made.

And if you want to watch these OVAs, you need to buy their DVDs.

Bonus Question – Why OVAs??

This is because Television has a time limit on the base of which episodes are created. For example – An Anime has a length of 20-22 minutes. You cannot cross it. But DVD has no time limit. Anime Creator can an episode of duration that is as long as possible.

What is OVA - Anime Episode Time Limit - By Animation Vibes
What is OVA – Anime Episode Time Limit – By Animation Vibes

Which means they can now represent character and their background freely. And can now release it as an OVA. Creators can even make and episode with a duration of 30-40 or even 2 hour long. And Snime Fans have to buy it as it is simply not available on TV.

OVA Is Also known as OAV and OAD. OAV= Original Animation Video and OAD= Original Animation DVD. But the most popular term is OVA = Original Video Animation.

So I hope you got it. See you with another informative and exciting article. Till then, this is Raja Signing Off.

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