The Dragon Ball Universe Explained – Short Documentary – 30 Legendary Years Of Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball Universe Explained

This article is about The Dragon Ball Universe Explained. To know about Dragon Ball is Coming back in India, Click Here.

If you have seen Dragon Ball, then this video is made for you. And if you haven’t seen Dragon Ball yet and want to watch the Dragon Ball Anime series, then I promise. this video will make you watch Dragon Ball. Because today we are going to know that who made ‘Dragon ball’ anime. And why this anime has so many fans at the world level.

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Bro, there will be some power in this anime. So let’s know A to Z everything about this Dragon ball anime So without wasting time let’s get started to know something exciting.

Year 1986, the unforgettable year for Anime fans. But why so? That is because in this year the world’s second largest anime franchise started. That is Dragon Ball. Let me first introduce you to Dragon Ball Anime Series. So that the new fans of Dragon Ball can have this idea that what the ‘Dragon ball’ actually is.

Dragon Ball : The First Episode

Story begins on a fictional Earth where a tiny but most powerful child in the world lives. Whose name is ‘Goku‘. ‘Goku’ is the main character of Dragon Ball Anime Series. The first episode of Dragon Ball is Secret of the Dragon balls – In which the secret of Dragon Ball is told. Actually in this anime – Seven Dragon Balls exist on Earth which are spread in different corners of the Earth.

And whatever creature collects those 7 Dragon Balls together. Then you can understand how much fun he would have. Because when all the 7 dragon balls come together, then a Giant Dragon appears. Who fulfills the wish of the one who brings seven Dragon Balls together. And when the wish is sought. Then all the Dragon Balls are spread again in all four directions of the same planet.

Quite interesting, isn’t it? Let’s go back a bit. When the universe of Dragon Ball started.

Anime : The Beginning

Do you know? We are in ‘India‘. and ‘India’ is in ‘Asia‘ and ‘Asia’ on the Earth. And Earth is a small planet among the 8 planets present in our solar system. But what’s above that. Maybe there is another solar system right opposite of our solar system. And there are millions of solar systems like that. And these crores of solar systems together make a universe which is called Brahmand.

Listen to a Fun fact. Our Universe’s name is Milkyway. If we say in Hindi our Universe name is Akashganga. Now, what will be next to the universe. Maybe there is another universe just opposite the Milky Way Universe. And there are millions more universes like this which together form a Multiverse. Just I won’t go further.

Now come to the point. All episodes of Dragon Ball are connected to the incidents that occurred in an imaginary multiverse A multiverse where a total of 12 universes exist. Each of these universes is ruled by Benevolent and Malevolent deities. Who are also known as ‘Supreme Kais‘ and ‘Gods of Destruction. In simple language ‘Supreme Kais’ are those who Created the Universe. and ‘God of destruction’ are those who destroy the universe.

Except for ‘Dragon Ball Super ‘ Almost all series of Dragon Ball are linked to the incidents of Universe No. 7. And just like we measure the timeline on our universe by years. Just like that in ‘Dragon Ball’ anime. ‘Ages‘ are used instead of ‘Years‘ to measure the timeline. And in ‘Dragon ball’ anime most of the incidents occured between 749 to 790.

In Universe no 7, there are some planets like Fictionalized Earth where humans live. Planet Vegeta which is the world of ‘Saiyans‘. Now who are the ‘Saiyans’. In simple language, like there are many types of animals living on Planet Earth. Out of which the most intelligent animals is called Human Being. Just like that the animals living on the planet Vegeta are called ‘Saiyans‘.

And the main twist is that ‘Goku‘ is not a ‘Human’ But a ‘Saiyan‘. Due to some reason as soon as he was born was sent from Planet Vegeta to Planet Earth. And in this series Goku later comes to know that he is not a human but a Saiyan. Only 2 planets of Universe No 7 have been talked about so far in Universe no. 7.

Different types of animals live on many other planets. In which Angels, Demon,s Android,s Tuffle,s and Namekians are present. Well, this was the story of the multiverse of Dragon Ball. Every character in this series is amazing. And if you like Action then you will get to see amazing fighting scenes. Including Kungfu, martial arts, etc.

Let’s go back a little bit. When Dragon Ball wasn’t an anime series, it was just a concept of a human’s imagination.

The Concept Of Dragon Ball

On 5 April 1955, one of the best Manga artist of all time, Akira Toriyama was born. whose first ever successful manga was ‘Doctor Slump‘. And after Doctor Slump he made another manga series which has created a huge amount of craze in the whole world till this date. Yes, you got it right. The Dragon Ball. Akira Toriyama was a huge fan of Hong Kong’s martial arts movies.

Akira Toriyama Mangas - The Dragon Ball Universe Explained - By Animation Vibes
Akira Toriyama Mangas – The Dragon Ball Universe Explained – By Animation Vibes

Especially he was a big fan of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies. Like in 1973 there was a movie named ‘Enter the Dragon‘. and in 1978 there was a movie ‘Drunken Master‘ movie etc. He used to enjoy watching all these movies. And because of these interests, In 1983, ‘Akira Toriyama made a one shot manga, whose name was ‘Dragon Boy’. later it turned into a very big manga.

Yes… You again got it right. Into ‘The Dragon Ball’ manga. Actually, Akira Toriyama created all the characters of the Dragon Ball being inspired by Chinese literature. The name of the literature is ‘Journey to the West‘. If you don’t know then let me tell you One of the four best pieces of literature popular in China is ‘Journey To The West ‘.

On which an entire movie has also been made. Which I also saw on TV many times 4 to 5 years ago. If you haven’t seen this movie yet then must watch this movie once. Along with this the title of the Dragon Ball anime series is also inspired by ‘1973 released’ Bruce Lee’s famous movieEnter the Dragon‘. and the fighting scenes which are also made, influenced by ‘Jackie chan’.

Since Dragon Ball is a shonen manga. That’s why Akira Toriyama added the concept of wishing by collecting 7 Dragon Balls. So that the shonen readers can feel it like a ‘Game like activity‘. and he will always be curious to know that next time who is going to ask for a wish and what it will be. And the concept of collecting Dragon Ball is too inspired by a Japanese novel Named ‘Nansō Satomi Hakkenden‘.

In ‘Nansō Satomi Hakkenden‘. the main heroes had to collect 8 Buddhist prayer beads from which Akira Toriyama created the concept of collecting 7 ‘Dragon Balls’. along with this ‘Akira Toriyama’ was also inspired by the Genie of ”Arabian Nights‘. ‘Genie’ you know…’ Genie’. That’s why he gave Dragon Ball, the power to fulfill wishes. which is only genie have officially.

Overall By taking inspiration from all directions Akira Toriyama has made a huge history. So let’s go a little further, when Dragon Ball is converted from a Concept to a Manga. Manga the real beginning It was finally time to convert Akira Toriyama’s concept into manga. And on 3 December 1984 The Dragon Ball manga was first serialized in the weekly Shonen Jump.

Everything was going great but when Akira Toriyama got tired of making a drawing of Dragon Ball manga. Then he thought of taking a gap from it. And on 5 June 1955, he quit publishing the Dragon Ball manga in the magazine. Listen to a fun fact. Dragon Ball manga was made in 1984. and just after 2 years, that is, in 1986 it was converted to anime. That means anime and manga were being made together.

And this is the biggest reason In the Dragon Ball anime series, a single fight lasted for 20 episodes. So that Akira Toriyama can get some time to make the next chapter of the manga. And the story can be continued further. Between 1995 and 2013 with only minor changes in 519 manga chapters Dragon Ball was initially republished in the magazine.

Dragon Ball Colored Manga - The Dragon Ball Universe Explained - By Animation Vibes
Dragon Ball Colored Manga – The Dragon Ball Universe Explained – By Animation Vibes

A big announcement was made in the year 2013. that now the Manga series of Dragon Ball will be republished with colorful prints instead of black and white. And brother what was then, between 2013 and 2017, the colorful manga of Dragon Ball has been circulated around the world. Believe me, when Dragon Ball was converted to Anime Series and started broadcasting in TVs around the world from then till today Dragon Ball not only earned a lot of money but along with it, Dragon Ball has made a . huge fanbase all over the world.

That’s why in the history of ‘manga‘ Dragon Ball is at number two in selling the most copies of manga. On your screen, you can see the list of Top Best Selling Manga Series on which number 1 is ‘One piece‘ And number 2 is our ‘Dragon Ball‘ Whose approx 250 -300 million copies have been sold. The Dragon Ball Manga Series is getting a very good readership till today.

Between 1980 and 1990 Worldwide manga circulation was at its peak. In which the biggest contribution was from the Dragon Ball manga series itself. But how many official manga copies were circulated, its double pirated copies were circulated. Pirated means those copies which the original creator of ‘Manga’ hasn’t printed to sell but have been illegally printed and sold by a third party.

In the year 2007, Oricon did a survey in which they selected 1000 such people who had a lot of interest in reading ‘Manga‘. And those 1000 people had also read thousands of ‘manga’. So the Oricon company asked all the people in that survey to choose the strongest ‘manga’ character of all time. And the result was Yeah.. you got it right. Son Goku who is the main character of Dragon Ball. He got the Rank 1.

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