Naruto On Sony Yay! Age of Indian Anime Continues After 20 Amazing Years of Naruto Anime

Naruto On Sony Yay! Age of Indian Anime Continues After 20 Amazing Years of Naruto Anime

This article is about Naruto On Sony Yay! Age of Indian Anime Continues After 20 Amazing Years of Naruto Anime. To know about Case Study of Naruto, Click Here.

Naruto on Sony Yay – Watch in this reel – Animation Vibes

A very good news to all the Indian Anime fans. Naruto Anime series is getting an official TV release on Sony Yay. A promo is being shown on all the sister channels of Sony. On Sat Max the promo of Naruto coming soon is getting viral. Now this is a great surprise as Anime in India is getting hyped and promoted to a greater extent.

Sony Yay has purchased the rights of Naruto series and is going to show its episodes in 8 different regional languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and English. As such all these language dubs will get the Indian audience satisfied with their own regional languages. This is a greater step for upcoming localisation of Japanese Animated shows with an Indian touch.

Not only this, Sony Yay is said to have bought the rights of One Piece Anime as well. Already people have got such a precious gift of watching Dragon Ball Super on Cartoon Network India in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu Languages, this year is bringing more and more exclusive Anime content to be consumed by Indian Audiences in their own native languages.

The big threes – Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece were initially dubbed in Hindi and have produced hardcore Anime fans in india since early 2005. Now the sequels of these series including Dragon Ball Super (cirrently airing Goku Black Arc), Naruto and One Piece in their another fresh Hindi Dub are being awaited by all of us.

Naruto on Cartoon Network India

Naruto - Naruto on Sony Yay - Animatipon Vibes
Naruto – Naruto on Sony Yay – Animatipon Vibes

Earlier Naruto was aired on Cartoon Network India and was fan favorite of early 2000 kids. The Hindi dub was loved by all of us. Now coming to this new era of 2022, in another channel Sony Yay, we are awaiting for the new Hindi Dub as it cant show the Cartoon Network Hindi Dub Version because of the rights owned by channels.

Naruto on Animax Channel

Naruto Animax - Animation Vibes
Naruto On Sony Yay – Animation Vibes

Sony Yay was previously known for its name as Animax Channel. On this channel, many Anime shows were telecasted and were a huge success. These shows were aired in majorly in English and Japanese languages (English Subtitles). Naruto and its sequel series, Naruto Shippuden was telecasted on this channel getting love from Indian audience.

Release Date

Currently, the release date is not revealed as the promo launched on Sony Entertainment Franchise channels flashed the text coming soon. the fans are eagerly waiting for the official announcement of the same in coming weeks. Also the Hindi Dubbing artists will be revealed later.

Age of Indian Anime

So let us celebrate this huge victory of Anime fans who were totally waiting for Anime content to be consumed in Hindi and other languages. Post on Instagram and Twitter by showing our love for Anime Franchise and use the hashtag #ageofindiananime #yehihaiinsaaf

Have any querries? Dm me on @Animation_Vibes. Lets enjoy this New Age Of Indian Anime.

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