Amazing Facts About Keymon Ache – Full Case Study

Amazing Facts About Keymon Ache

One of the best Indian cartoon Keymon Ache, who created it? Who are it’s Hindi Dubbing Artists? Apart from India, which other countries, broadcast Keymon Ache? Today in this article, you’ll get to know all these amazing facts. So without wasting time let’s get started to know something exciting.

This article is about Amazing Facts About Keymon Ache. To know about Krish Trish And Baltiboy, Click Here.

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Keymon Ache is India’s first, Non – Mythological Cartoon Series. Now it’s really important for you to know The meaning of Mythological. Basically mythological means Historical. That which belongs to ancient time, which is a little hard to believe. That historical stories are interpreted aAlmost as a lie.

As you all know, most of the Indian Animations like Krishna & Balram, Luv Kush, Chhota Bheem, Little Krishna are made on mythological genre. Even movies in Indian Animation Industry are made on ancient historical stories. Example Mahabharat, Arjun The Warrior Prince, Hanuman: Da’ Damdaar Bal Ganesh, etc. But Keymon Ache was a unique concept which can be considered as one of the best animation concept.

Plot Of The Show

The story revolves around a 9 year old Rohan. His full name is Rohan Tendulkar. His mom is named Radha Tendulkar whom Rohan addresses as Mata Ji. Rohan’s dad’s name is not mentioned in any of the episodes. So let’s call him Mr. Tendulkar. So in the first episode of Keymon Ache, Rohan’s dad gifts him a Japanese school bag.

Later Rohan realizes the fact that the school bag is not ordinary one. But a magical creature who does magic. When Rohan comes to know about it, he gets scared at first. But later the creature tells Rohan that, he belongs to Toyland.

Now here’s a fun fact. As the main language of India is called Hindi. Similarly, the language used by people is called Toylish. But the real fact is that before doing any magic, Keymon Ache speaks a spell which is something like this – Appal Pappal Chappal Chaat! Listen to me in Toylish.

So you now know what Toylish means here. So let’s come to main story. Finally when this magical creature tells Rohan everything. Then Rohan gives him a name Keymon, and Keymon gives himself Himself a last name – Ache, which makes him – Keymon Ache.

Keymon Ache Fun Fact - Amazing Facts About Keymon Ache - By Animation Vibes
Keymon Ache Fun Fact – Amazing Facts About Keymon Ache – By Animation Vibes

Now a fun fact – The word ‘Keymon‘ is a reverse of ‘Monkey‘. Live Example, Monkey = Mon + Key. The reverse – Key + Mon = Keymon. The show creator named it a genius name. The creator made it’s face inspired by a monkey. And named it as a reverse of monkey. Hat’s off to the creator. In the beginning episodes, Rohan hides Keymon’s identity.

But later everyone knows about Keymon being the school bag. After the first episode, Keymon and Rohan and Rohan’s friends – Rahul, Mini, Sid entertain us by their adventures and lots of fun filled episodes. Keymon’s magic revives all of Rohan’s toys like, Khel Singh was a normal PSP, DJ Danger being a normal DJ Console, Cartoon was a toycar and Ballji Bopta being a normal football.

Keymon and Nani In Space Adventure (The Movie)

9 Nov 2012, the first Keymon Ache movie was released on Indian Theatures named – Keymon and Nani in Space Adventure. Basically, Keymon and Rohan trip to Goa To visit their grandmom – Nani Boss. Movie features their fun filled adventures Until the aliens kidnap Nani Boss. Will Keymon and Rohan be able to save her? To know the answer, watch the movie.

Usha Uthup Fun Fact - Amazing Facts About Keymon Ache - By Animation Vibes
Usha Uthup Fun Fact – Amazing Facts About Keymon Ache – By Animation Vibes

Another Fun fact – The Nani character Is inspired by real life – Usha Uthup. Usha Uthup is a musician. Vande Mataram in Kabhi Khushi Kabh Gham Auva Auva in Disco Dancer movie and many more songs are sung by her.

Hindi Voice Artists

Indians don’t even give accurate info When Googled, the only result was Brian D’costa and nothing else. To know about the Voice Artists, Message Sonic Gang, maybe they’ll answer.

Who Created This Show?

Well this amazing show is created by DQ Entertainment International Compan.y The same company that animated all the episodes of Mickey Mouse. Don’t conclude that DQ Entertainment Is the owner of Mickey Mouse. No, not at al.l DQ Entertainment is a type of company that animates some show.s As Mickey Mouse is owned by Disney And Disney pays DQ to animate the episodes.

The Jungle Book, Iron Man Armoured Adventures and Suraj The Rising Star (Colors). All these are animated by DQ Co. Year 2011, Keymon Ache was firstly aired on Nickelodeon Channel. Year 2018, The show was shifted to be telecast on Sonic Nickelodeon and resumes to telecast on it. Apart from Sonic, Colors Rishtey also telecasts Keymon Ache. Also, apart from India, Keymon Ache Is aired on Nickelodeon Pakistan too.

Is Keymon A Copy Of Doraemon?

If you have the same questiont that is Keymon a copy of Doraemon. So the answer is, Keymon is inspired by Doraemon. Inspiration means to take innovation. So creator took inspiration from Doraeon. And mixed a Monkey + Doraemon + Magic. Created a magical character. Doraemon has gadgets, Keymon has magic. Which doesn’t make it a copy Concluding everything Keymon is inspired but not copied.

Another Fun Fact here, Doraemon belongs to Japan And Rohan’s dad brought Keymon from Japan. Real Fact is even if Keymon belongs to Japan, still he doesn’t know Japanese. Keymon himself stated in a movie. He knows only Hindi and English.

The Last Episode

Currently no last episode is made. But Voot Kids YouTube Channed Doesn’t show any episodes above .104 So let’s assume Episode 104 as last. In Episode 104, Rohan sells Khel Singh and buys a new PSP. But what happenss next? Watch it Here. And don’t worry, the last episode would never come as nobody wants this awesome show to end.

Also, Sonic Nick has started airing New Episodes of Keymon Ache which will continue to air in future too. If you and your friends watched Keymon Ache in your childhood, then share this post with friends. If you want to ask any questions, DM me on Instagram ID – @Animation_Vibes. Till then, Stay Tuned!! Stay Happy!!

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