The Shocking Reality of Kick Buttowski – Full Case Study

Who created the powerful combination of action, adventure and comedy- kick buttowski? What happened in its first and last episode? plus, kick buttowski is inspired by which real-life person? You are going to get answers to many such amazing questions in this video. so without wasting time, let’s get started to know something exciting.

Kick Buskittow
Kick Buttowski Thumnail By Animation Vibes

The characters and the plot of the show

The fourth original series or the first animated original series of disney XD channel, Kick buttowski was first broadcast in february 2010 on disney XD. Every episode of this series was aired on TV by dividing into two segments of 11 minutes. Basically, Kick Buttowski is an american animated television series which has the original name- Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil but in most of the countries, it is known by the name Kick Buttowski.

Kick Buttowski Facts By Animation Vibes
Kick Buttowski

Its whole story is based on a one and a half foot boy Kick Buttowski who dreams of becoming a daredevil. ‘Daredevil’ in simple language is a stuntman. Do you know what is the special thing about this series? In this series, not only kick but all characters are awesome. The best thing- How can anyone forget cheetah chugh? In one line, the entire show was a blast.

Listen to a fun fact here,

The full name of kick buttowski is clarence francis kick buttowski who is a small boy of 10 years of age in the series He is small for sure, but as you know he is a blast in such a small age.

Well, apart from Kick Buttowski, Gunther, Brad Buttowski, Brianna Buttowski, Wade, Cousin Kyle, Kendall are some main characters of this show.

Kick Buttowski : The first episode

Its first episode name is Dead Man’s drop which introduces Kick in the starting and in the whole episode, Kick wants to prove himself in front of the people by skating on skateboard that how good stuntman he is and at the end of the episode, he proved it. In the 2nd segment of first episode, Billy stumps is intoduced who is the favorite daredevil of kick.

Kick Buttowski Facts By Animation Vibes
Kick Buttowski

In this episode, kick misses the show of billy stumps after which he gets one more chance to go to billy stumps’ show and for which he has to find a golden key from cheetah chugh cans and at the end he finds the key and gets the chance to meet billy stumps.

Kick buttowski : The last episode

The 32th episode of season 2 is the last episode of kick buttowski which was broadcast on 2nd december 2012 on disney XD. The special thing of this episode is that it is divided into three segments and all the other were divided in only two segments and in the last segment of this episode the grown up look of kick buttowski is shown. Actually, Rock Callahan is shown as an actor in this series and in the last episode of kick buttowski, you can see rock callahan as the grown up form of kick buttowski and you will get to know the real suspense of this episode in the end of this episode only.

Kick Buttowski Facts By Animation Vibes
Kick Buttowski : Last Episode

If you want to watch this episode then you can watch anytime on disney+hotstar.

KIck buttowski the Indian version

The hindi version of kick buttowski was aired on disney XD from 8 May 2010 to 2013 in India, in which Kick buttowski’s hindi voice was given by Faheem Amin, Darshan bange for gunther, Ash ketchum’s official voice over artist Nachiket Dighe for brad buttowski, Gwen Tennyson’s voice Parigna Pandya Shah for kendall.

The back story of kick buttowski

Kick Buttowski’s creator Sandro Corsaro was born in 1977 in England. He started his career as an animator and in 2002 he thought of creating his own show and because in childhood, he was very fond of skateboarding and stunts therefore he created a concept related to stunt. The concept in which a small kid wants to become the worls’s most jazzy stunt man.

Sandro Corsaro
Sandro Corsaro : The creator of Kick Buttowski

In the starting, he named his show kid kinevel which afterwards was changed to kick buttowski. Well, do you know? He created kick buttowski’s character inspired by a real life stunt man who used to do stunts with a bike. consider the below image, He is the that stunt man and his name was Evel Kinevel.

Evel Knievel By Animation Vibes
Evel Knievel By Animation Vibes

If you focus on his dress then you will realise that his dress is very similar to kick buttowski or we can say that kick buttowski’s dress is similar to his. In the starting, Corsaro thought of making red stars on kick buttowski’s helmet because there were stars on Evel Kinevel’s dress also but he dropped this idea and today you can only see a red coloured stripe on kick’s helmet.

In 2008, when corsaro created the first episode of kid kinevel then he hired an agent so that agent can contact disney and broadcast kick buttowski on TV. And meanwhile, he changed the name of his show from kid kinevel to kick buttowski in 2009.

With his agent, Corsaro proposed his show to disney for months but after many rejections, finally in 2010 Disney gave a chance to his show and exactly 1 year after the formation of disney XD channel that is on 13 february 2010 kick buttowski was first aired on TV and guess what in the history of pilot episodes of disney XD, the highest viewership pilot show till date is KIck buttowski.

People liked this show so much that disney immediately signed the show’s licensing deal with corsaro and began producing new episodes in its studio. Almost for two years, it produced Kick buttowski’s amazing episodes and aired on TV.

But in 2012, disney XD cancelled this show Disney didn’t give any reason to public, it was its own decision and we are common man, what we can do they will do as they wish.

A fan of kick buttowski tried to email Mr. Corsaro to know the reason of cancellation of kick buttowski then his reply was like this,

Thanks for the note. Sorry, But disney decided already that this is the end of the road for kick. It was really an incredible journey for my friends family and I, I really appreciate all the fan support.

According to an interview, Sandro Corsaro says,

I can tell you honestly that I am not a smart man but the day when I created kick’s character, I was a genius.

Friends, I have read Sandro Corsaro’s biography very well and if you ask me what we can learn from Sandro Corsaro’s life, I must say that in his time,

Sandro Corsaro was not a smart student. After his schooling, he completed his degree in fine arts and after that he learned animation and yes following his passion, he created such a character based on his childhood which has created a history in the world of animation. Even if only two of its seasons have been made, but those 2 seasons are so perfect that I don’t know what to say.

Everything from his stunts to jokes is awesome. There is a simple moral that

if you follow your passion and create something then you will definitely get success but remember patience is the key, we have to wait. Mr. Corsaro waited for 8 years, the creator of phineas and ferb also waited for 16 years But they also got the result of waiting. So

create something for the world and have some patience to see the magic of your creation.

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